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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Not To Study For UPSC Prelims Exam

For every IAS/UPSC aspirant the most critical decision is to decide what to study , what to memorise and what can be simply left.

General Studies has no beginning and no end ,but it does have a core area which must be covered and a fringe area which can be covered depending on the time and inclination of the individual.

Core area in GS would include - Current Affairs, Polity, Modern Indian History (since 1857),Geography(essentially map based ,locations are frequently asked) General Mental Ability.These are essentially areas from where questions are most likely to feature in prelims and hence should be first priority.

Fringe areas that should be covered (but in comparatively less time) are General Knowledge, General science(especially biology part), Ancient and medieval history(selective), Economics(very rarely questions are asked,focus on current issues) etc.These areas will figure in exam but the number of questions that would be asked are highly variable.So aspirants should be careful as to how much time they allot to fringe areas and it should be in no case more than the time alloted for core areas.

To illustrate my point, this year (2008 UPSC Prelims) contained lot of questions that are essentially General Knowledge.Now many people might be tempted to go through voluminous books to know everything and will end up remembering nothing .GK cannot be built overnight, it takes time. So those who are not comfortable with GK should not try to mug up each and everything. Rather a more realistic approach would be to target those areas of GK from where questions are most likely. For example knowing inventors of major inventions like plane,submarine,TV etc can be more fruitful than trying to mug up everything not remembering anything when it matters.

I would take the example of History to make my point clear about knowing what not to study. History for non-history background students is tough nut to crack but little bit of smart work can make history a strong area in prelims. I read only class-8 and class-9 NCERT text books for History in my first attempt and was able to answer almost all the history questions while many friends who relied solely on coaching notes were not able to do so. If you are running short of time and don’t have much idea about history then reading the class8-9 history would be much more fruitful than wading through a Bipin Chandra history book.

I would be taking all sections of GS in separate posts and suggesting suitable reading material as well as sharing my way of preparing those areas. And a little bit of information that may be handy for Prelims 2009 in each section. This is to help and guide you in your preparation and should not be the whole of your preparation.


Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,
I have gone through your article regarding the GS topics in Prelims.
This is very useful to me.Could you give suggestions for prelims in public administration also.
I wish U all the Best for ur 2008 selections.
Thanks and Regards,

Abhishek said...

@ phani .... sorry for replying late as i was out of station ...thanx 4 d gud wishes...
actually i had psychology as my first optional ,so i m not in a position to say much abt Public Admn preparation 4 prelims...though Laxmikant is a must read ...but i wud ask a frend of mine who has PA as prelims optional to share his experience ...plz feel free to contact and comment ....

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Mishre Ji :)

Its really a nice initiative on ur part and freshers like me would be deeply indebted to u and ur friends for all the guidance.

As they say, "Guidance is hard to find, good guidance even more so "

Keep it up!!


Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Hi abhishek
i have gone thru the article can u please help on the books for history in prelims is it a good optional for a non-history background student

Unknown said...



Abhishek said...

@ Ravi ...any optional is good for prelims as long as you have interest in the subject.I took psychology in prelims and it worked for me.history is a very popular optional,but for a non-history background student u shud take it only if u really have an interest in history and can back yourself.I am planning to collaborate with my friends and give a basic idea of each optional from prelims point of view and wud be covering history as well :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek.
Best of luck for mains.
Really helpful articles, keep hitting keyboard.

By the way me too Abhishek & also a Computer Engineer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

I am wondering why you did not take computer science as an optional for your prelims? I'm a EEE graduate and am planning to take elecrical as an optional one for my prelims.

Any thoughts on that?


nisha said...

hi abhishek i am preparing for prelims 2009. my optional subject is psychology. Please guide me.

Saket said...
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Saket said...

Hi Abhishek,
i'm Saket from B'lore....
ur blog on GS prepation is excellent......i too am writing CS exam with psychology as an optional subject in prelims.....so can you give suggestions regarding books to be referred, criteria of preparetion etc.
i'll be awaiting ur reply....

Abhishek said...

@Abhishek...my namesake :) and with similar professional qualification..thanx 4 ur gud wishes ,hv written mains alrady so awaiting the result which shud be out sometimes by march ...all d best to u too as i m presuming u too are an aspirant ;)

@nitinkcv .... as far as i know ,computer science is not in the list of optionals for prelims ,hence i did not take it up and even otherwise psychology fascinated me so much that i just took it ... now with some experience i will suggest that one should opt for any subject given one has interest in that ,u shud opt for electrical if u r confident n have clarity of concepts... gud luck !!!

@nisha and saket ... gud to find psychology optional students ...i wud be posting aboyt how to prepare psychology for prelims very soon plus GS updates and some tips and techniques that worked for me ....all d very best :)

@all ... please keep ur comments ,suggestions and queries coming ... and sorry for responding a bit late as i was caught up with some urgent work but now i wud be much more regular ...

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for your initiative and all the very best for your selection.

I have done my M.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and currently working in Mumbai for last 4 months. But I really wish to appear for UPSC. But I am afraid of its very low success ratio and don't dare to leave the current job. How much time do you think is required for UPSC studies?

And what is your opinion about taking Maths as optional?

mazak said...
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Abhishek said...

@ Sachin ... thanks! ,coming to ur query regarding UPSC having a low success ratio, i agree with you but then you will also agree that clearing UPSC remains a worthy goal nevertheless.The very fact that out of lacs of aspirants only a few hundreds make it to the coveted services make it even more charming.Remember all good things are in short supply and so is the case with UPSC.
Regarding taking maths as an optional,it has to be entirely ur decision ,though if u r really confident with maths then do take it as it would mean that you would have to read only one new subject instead of two.
People have cleared UPSC while doing a job and there are people who pursued UPSC full time and still did not clear and so on.The point is that there is no single way to go about it.I would suggest that for now you get familiar with the subjects that you want to take as optionals and prepare while working if age is not an issue.One year of preparation is usually enough but then you have people like me who have to keep trying year after year ;)
i hope i was of some help ,plz feel free to ask ,all the best !!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your suggestions Abhishek!

I have one more doubt. I observed that the syllabus for the UPSC and MPSC State Service Exam is almost same. What is the exact difference between the posts offered by UPSC and MPSC?

Abhishek said...

@ Sachin ... syllabus might be same but believe me in everything else there wud be stark difference. UPSC gives u the chance to get direct entry into prestigious all india services directly while through any state psc u would have to grind ur way to reach the top admn. positions which invariably are reserved for IAS/IPS.
Plus the exam is much more competitive at UPSC level as u have to compete with the best brains from all over India while for MPSC it would be limited to candidates from Maharastra.But do appear in both .U will start at higher rank if u clear IPS/IAS while clearing MPSC u would start at lower ranks and slowly move ur way up.

Saket said...

Hi Abhishek,
along with sharing tips and tricks for psychology in prelims....can u do the same for GS also???

nkcv said...

Hi Abhihek,

I'm currently based in Chennai. Could you please let me know how and where could i get the previous years Electrical Engg Prelims question papers?


Unknown said...

Hi. I Am software enginner and have experience of 2 years in developing software. Is it right for me to choose IAS for career? Many people said me that It is not related to computer filed. Please tell me is it right option for me to leave development and get in to IAS... Really helful if get comments on this...

Kind Regards

Abhishek said...

@Saket ...i would be sharing tips n tricks for gs n psychology both in coming posts.

@ Nitin ... the previous year prelims question papers of any subject should be easily available in any bookshop dealing in IAS preparation books.I have given the address of New Vishal publications in the comments of on eof my posts,plz refer that.

@Yudhi ... it is a choice that u will have to make urself. IAS is a much sought after career and ur knowledge of computer-science would be of no added advantage here at least directly.As you have got 2+ years of experience in development of s/w , u can maybe look up the exam related info at www.upsc.gov.in and then decide.

Unknown said...

Well a simple strategy:

Indian Polity-Laxmikant
India's struggle for independence-Bipan Chandra
Modern India-NCERT Bipan Chandra
Mental Ability-TMH
India 2009
Budget 2009
Current Affairs-Chronicle,Hindu,Frontline
Practise at least 10 model tests
thats it

Abhishek said...

@Vikas ... good job yaar,but sometimes too simple is complex :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Boss,

having a similar trouble getting fat paycheque from software company; have worked for three years...Now just cant gather enough strength to jump in for this exam.

Atleast say few lines which would help me decide. Its bacause every time i start thinking practically its like i m even going to miss on Roti,Kapda,Makan.

But i must admit i yearn for power under my belt specially when i m in no mood to settle abroad and stay back in india(In UP).

Dada help me....just few attempt lefts..i won't be i nposition to ask this question

Abhishek said...

@Abhishek Shukla ... i can only say that if u really want it ,u will have to take a risk ... nothing in life for that matter is achieved without taking risks....yes the odds are high for this exam but therein lies the charm in cracking this prestigious exam...i can tell u that when i appeared for interview on March 31st 2007,believe me it was worth each and every minute of preparation i had done ... take a chance :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dada,

I actually want to hear more from you..want to discuss in length.
I will tell you an incident, its almost 5 months past; I happened to see and get some advice from a well wisher of mine(I assume so)unfortunately he missed this train he's done with all his attempts;finally ended up opening a small platform for may be ppl like me.
I thought Icouldn't get an advice from a person better than him, he wont be overtly optimisitic, practial and bla bla....

But during our lenthy discourse I realized he was more concern with me joining his institute than something like weather I should or not.Meanwhile a second teacher of his institute(I know its getting boring but pls bear with me its about to end)came across our conversation; he justed how much u r getting paid.I told him..(classified information)these many bucks; his reaction why do you want this child to waste his life, pointing finger to my well wisher.
Take for me was.Its really scary out there; there are other better ways of commiting suicide(Just got scared).

I m writing so much ..so you understand the gravity of my question.

And Dada if you could share you email and may be would have some 100 -200 pages of written communication then...I can very proceed in this dreary desert.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Abhishek said...

@ Abhishek Shukla...i can understand what u r trying to convey ... its a high risk venture,an all or none scenario ... but u tell me what is easy in life and there can not be any glory without efforts n risks involved...we can carry on the conversation in this public domain as what we r discussing might have relevance 4 other aspirants as well ...u will have to take d decision based on ur own priorities in life ,dont jump into anything just because of hearsay ...u might be feeling dat i have not answered ur query but the answer to ur question lies only with u :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dada,

Got your point. But you see i am from software industry here we have a trend of copying mail CC(to millions of worthless creatures)just to make sure every body is party to whatever tragedy takes place.

Here I cannot blame any one for my decision..(NO CC) may be just by talking to your more I am trying to draw conclusion.

It's like I haven't been tested for long so have some overconfidence..I can do it and I can make it... You see lot of management funda..

Just wanted to test myself in real water.
May be you could put me to small test.Let me put it this way.If It was you who have been asking me this Question.

I would have said Ok boy Finish Bipin Chandra's first three chapters in 3 days and then try to solve (some on the fly quiz). If u are through may be u should give this a try otherwise better pack your bags buddy and go on learning some ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.


So dada,,try giving me some yardstick on these lines.

It becomes really more important when I see interviews of IAS toppers who say even in their Mother's womb they knew ALL Countries Capital..something like it.

Its not the case with me. I would have to work now and here.

.....So is the Case Dada

Unknown said...

Mr.Shukla, may be you and me are in same boat, honestly I had this in my mind. I live in US and about to get my green card very soon. Well established and well being. But I have been looking for a motive to pull me back to my country and still live a honourful job and something which is great. So, I thought of Civils, since I been this far in my life and why cant I take it with an additional effort which I could, which is an one time effort which would lasts until the last attempt of my eligible age, if I could gain over it, I am the achiever. It will bring lot of joy and significance to me and to my family and to the generations. Money, is one of the criteria which pushed us into this Software world, but I thought I have got enough which could serve my family for next three years while I am under this MISSION, so If I could not succeed here, there is nothing to lose and I just think that I have graduated 3 years later than I was. Like I said, this is One time in life time. Thats my conclusion to my self. Again, if you cannot make decision on your own when you need it most, thats when you inclind to your success rate. Thats my word. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mohan,
Definitely we are birds of same feathers. Infact let me know your whereabouts when you are back in india.

..I wont be asking for combined studies but definitely we would be having some common grounds to cover. it would be wonderful.

Abhishek said...

@ my namesake(abhishek shukla) ... i quite agree with what Mohan G has written ... end of d day we live our life once, if this exam really appeals to u then take a conscious decision but dont go for it just because i or anyone 4 that matter tells u that u must appear. In case u do plan to appear in it , u r most welcome to ask any query but the decision has to be urs ... :)

Ananda Mukherjee said...


Can you let me know whether MA Economics from IGNOU is valid for appearing in Indian Economic Service Exam? I need this information immediately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

I am sure choosing not to work after college and opting for cs preperation must have been a tough decision. I wish you the best for this attempt, hope you clear the interview.

How difficult was it to find a job now, i am sure this is a question huge no. of working aspirants must be asking. It is quite doubtful the industry would welcome you after a gap of a year, what do you think ?



Abhishek said...

@ Ananda ... MA from IGNOU to my mind shud be valid for appearing in Indian Economic Service exam ... all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@Vivek ... thanks for the 'eye-opener' question :)
yes it is not at all easy to find a job after you take a break for 1-2-or 3 years ,this exam does offer u a lot but at the same time there is a risk involved...if u get through ,nothing like it but if u dont then it will take a while to reconcile urself to doing something else and that is not easy ....i always thought that i will give only two attempts,i ended up appearing in four ...escalation of commitment happens and u always feel that u r in with a chance ,so anyone who wants to write this exam must consider pros and cons and then come to a decision based on ones own thought process ... it is a worthy goal but like all good things in life it has risks attached :)

Anonymous said...

hi Abhishek,

Vivek's question on recaliming the job after gap has really caught me off-gaurd.

I am having 3yrs of work-experience in Software Industry and was trying to take cs09 & cs10 only(as cs 2010 would be my last compulsory attempt due to age). So essentially i was planning to leave job from feb'09 to aug'10.

Please tell me how difficult wud it be to find a job in aug'10, will the 3yrs work-ex be of any advantage or will the 1 year gap be much wider than im anticipatin ?

sorry for asking have you started on the lookout for one ? if yes how has been the experience ?



Unknown said...

Hi abhishek bhaiya.....
thankyou very much for starting this type of blog....may i get ur email address please........

Anonymous said...

hello abhishek sir... i am abhinav.. i have just done mu law from Law School, Pune. I have been workin in a corporate law firm in Mumbai, straight away, i got out of my college. Now with 7 months of experience under my belt as a professional corporate lawyer, and also being able to earn some bucks ( as i never wanted to become a immediate burden on my family, right after getting out from the law school and also wanted to seek some maturity by working in a top law firm). I wanted to pursue my life long dream to appear in the CSE prelims May 2010. I have zeroed down on Law (optional for prelims) and Pub Ad (other optional for mains). Law is a obvious choice and Public Ad interests me besides having some common topics with Law. Sir, I would really like to know from ypu, about the books i should settle down with for my GS Prelims and GS Mains prep.

Sir, I would also like to wish you all the best for your selection. I would really apperciate if you could help me with the aforesaid issues, as words coming from a experienced campaigner will really be of immense help.

Abhishek said...

@ Ankit ..thanx yaar :)
u r most welcome to post ur queries here and i will be answering them as soon as possible ... all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@ Amit ...i think u will be much better placed in any case as u already have three years of work exp ... d problem is more with pppl like me who get directly into this n dont hv any work experience ... its not easy to justify any kind of gap in work exp and corporates hardly consider taht u were studying not sitting idle .... but then no pain, no gain ....so all d best to u :)
i m at present working in a company :)

Abhishek said...

@Abhinav Gautam ... thx abhinav :) and i m really impressed with ur thought process and approach towards this exam ..please go thru all my relevant posts in this blog ...it shud give u some idea of thsi exam n what it requires ... after that u r most welcome to post ur queries ...all d very best to u !!!

Unknown said...

hi abhishek,
please suggest me how to prepare socilogy for prelims and mains both.
waiting for your reply.
nd best of luck for your selection!!!!

Abhishek said...

@Sunil... sorry 4 responding late...thx 4 ur gud wishes :) ... i hv asked a friend who has sociology optional and has cleared prelims to share his experience ...will try n post it soon ...all d best !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

This is a really neat and very helpful blog! kudos!

I am currently in US - finished my MS here and working over 1 year now...Planning on taking the exam 2010 and 2011. Worst comes to worst - I will give my final shot in 2012.

I've decided on taking Psychology both for prelims and mains and just started preparing while working full time.

Not sure what should be my second optional - Pub Ad? Sociology? Management? I am an engineering background student with zero motivation to reopen those books :D

All the best to everyone and any suggestions on optionals is much appreciated!


Unknown said...

hi.. abhishek,
i m doin my B.tech frm IIT roorkee.
right now in 2nd yr.
could u please tell me how to prepare for G.S.and also about the subject selection for the mains

manasvi said...

hi...this is manasvi.I m currently pursuing b.tech civil(3rd year).Yes, i m an ias aspirant.But a bit confused for opting my subjects.civil engg is an option for me.but i think i'm not so good in that.So,shall i go for some other 2different options or concentrate more on my engg subject?

Arjun said...

Dear abhishek,
I have purchased SPECTRUM guide for studying prelims, this is the 1st time i am attempting civil s, also i am working in a marketing company, so any tips and tricks so that my way of studying can be improved

Arjun said...

also sorry i forgot to say as i am from electronics background, i have opted optional as electrical, so please suggest me

Abhishek said...

@ RVK ... thx :) all the three subjects can be good choices as second optional with public administration and sociology edging out management in terms of resource n guidance availability ...go thru the syllabus of both subjects and come to a well informed choice ...all d best (syllabus can be looked up at upsc site www.upsc.gov.in )

Abhishek said...

@ Ravi ...yaar if u go thru my blog articles ,i think ur queries will be answered to some degree ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Manasvi ... i can appreciate ur situation ,plz look up my article on how to select an optional ...basically a good blend of subject that interests u and for which u also hv d necessary aptitude ...dont go by the herd mentality in selecting an optional ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Arjun ...please go thru all relevant posts in my blog ...which shud give u some idea abt how to prepare GS ,i will be posting some matter on current affairs and GK once i get some free time ...but do prepare ur optional very well as that is where the game is usually won or lost ...all d best :)

Unknown said...

abhishek bhaiya i m still waiting for ur reply for sociology.
take care!!!!!!!

Abhishek said...

@Sunil ... sorry yaar ,hv asked a friend but he is taking some time ,will remind him again ... if u r in delhi,look out for Upendra's notes ...will try n post something on sociology real soon ...gud luck !!!

Unknown said...

Hi abhishek
i have gone thru the article can u please help on the books for political science in prelims is it a good optional for a non-political science background student. I am a computer science background , my mail id id nbharathrajrao@gmail.com

Abhishek said...

@Bharath ... in case u r having political science as ur optional ,then u can refer my friend Vivek's article on how to prepare political science optional for prelims where he has given list of books also ... from labels select political science to get to his article ...and in case u want to preapare political science frm GS point of view then Laxmikant is a very good book alongwith Subash Kashyap's Our Parliament and Our Constitution ...all d best !!!

srinu said...

Hi Abhishek, Im confused in choosing optional between public administration and geography . can u pls suggest me .

Ratan jha said...

Hi abhishek while going thr' ur article on what not to study i found that psychology is ur optional subject. Will u guide me abt how to study psychology. it's my 2nd optional. 1st optional is zool.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

what were your subjects for main?


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

I have been consistently 50% or more in the GS test papers prev. yr as well as mocks. And this i ma doing w/o having studied anything for CSE, ie just thru my knowledge bank that i have accumulated thru the years. Wud it be recommended to go for these exams ie will i go thru the elims and to the final round? Another thing to ask is whether i take up Psychology and Eco. as optional since i like them but have no bckgrd in these.


Anonymous said...

hi abhishek.,
i have a strange problem (i don't know whether it is r not).unfortunately i have lost three years of time for being hunting for a job, and will this gap for me would be a negative point in gettting into the upsc services....please clarify my doubt and by the time i get through the civils it may take one or more years (if i dont get any job)..so totally 4+ years of gap . will this gap going to be a negative in my career for civils . please give me a clarification.
thanks and regards..

Abhishek said...

@ Srinu ... shoose any of these depending on ur interest in the subject and ur aptitude for it ...both are good choices ...

Abhishek said...

@ Ratan Jha ... yup psychology was my first optional ,u r most welcome to post ur query regarding it and i wud be glad to be of help ...

Abhishek said...

@ Raman ... my subjects were Psychology and Public Administration...

Abhishek said...

@ Anonymous ... that is quite impressive ,but u need to score much more than just 50% in these papers to clear ...so a little more focused study wud be required .... select any of these depending on ur interest and comfort level ...

Abhishek said...

@ Kiran ... i dont think it shud be ahindrance ,though it might lead to an awkward question in interview,but then one wud be able to handle it...so dont worry ...gud luck !!!

Ratan jha said...

Hi abhishek
Thanks for ur valuable suggestions. It will be very fruitful for me. I have opted psychology as my 2nd optional will u help me about study matterial and strategy for psychology.
Thanking you

Abhishek said...

@Ratan ... u r welcome to ask ur queries regarding psychology wen u r done with prelims as it is ur 2nd optional ..all d best !!!!

kiran said...

thanks abhishek for the clarification. regarding the OBC non creamy layer , the slab for income as raised from 2.5lakh to 4.5lakh pa, does this raise for OBC is in effect at present or does it need to be passed by the govt , because when i went to know about it, the concerned officers has said they didn't recieve any such orders and said i will not come into OBC category as my father's income is at 3lpa.

Kushal Bhosikar said...

Hi Abhishek,

I really appreciate your initiative of starting this blog.

I am a software engg. and a aspiring candidate for IAS 2010 .
is it possible that I do the IAS preparation along with my JOB?

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,
Nice intiative from ur side.I had read all the articles.They are very useful for newcomer.My optionals are History and Geography.I had read History & Geography optional article which seems to be very useful for Prelims.I want to request you to please make one enhancement in this artciles.Along with guidance for Prelims,plz convince them to give guidance for MAINS also.For History Mains and Geography Mains like how to study and what kind of answers should be written and useful books etc.


Abhishek said...

@Kiran ...plz clarify it frm someone in UPSC, i have very little idea about the obc slab for creamy layer ...

@K... i think it wud depend on how u go about it ... many aspirants write this exam while working and some of them also clear it with distinction ...so it will be basically depend on how u mange ur studies n job simultaneously ...

@Akshat ... mains is a different ball game as it is much more subjective ,lets see :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek

Is it necessary to join any coaching center to crack the IAS.


faisal said...

hi! abhi sir
its my second message 4 u and i didnt got reply 4m ur side sir, i think ur having a very bze schedule. sir please tell me wat should be the no of correct answer at prelims for Psychology for selection and i am already preparing for psychology for prelims plz give an specefic strategy for prepration and right key for sucess and which chapter to be stressed more in the subject.
hope ull reply soon
and i m not able to track out Mukul Patak sir notes plz help me out in this matter and if possible plz give ur personal ID sir

neo2911 said...

thanks for ur blog its very useful for first timers like me.
please recommend some books for my optional subject mech.engg.and list of important topics please.


mtiwary said...

hii abhishek,

i really appreciate the help u r providing through ur blogs..thanks.i have completed my mba and have worked around one year in a software firm..now i want to go for civil services..
what advice will u give to person who wants to start preparing for the upsc exams from level zero..
waiting for your reply..
Thanks and Regards,

Pratap said...

Hi Abhishek,
Its Excellent and very very usefull. i was searching such suggestions and found the same here,
Please advice me to prepare GS with the available Hindi medium materials, should i go for coaching materials ?
Thank you very very much.

Piyush Meshram said...

Hi Abhishek Sir,
First of all wishes for ur this sort of helping efforts for all aspirants,,
I am Piyush & I am doing my B.Tech(IInd yr) in Computer Science from
National Institute Of Technology Bhopal and I am thinking to start the preparations now & I am very determined to prepare for it,
I am thinking to take one of my optionals as Psychology,
as your 1 of the optional was Pyschology(do tell ur other optional also),
can u please suggest me on what to basically focus(books & some other suggestions) for psychology right from the begining to make this subject as 1 of my strong & helpful one,
and I am not able to decide the 2nd optional between Public Administration and Geography,
can u please help me out to suggest something useful in this matter.....
I will be very thankful to you Sir..

Kaushik said...

hi abhisek , m workin in noida gettin very less time for preparation so for me its very imp wat 2 study wat not to, m startin from scratch, m detremined enough( seems so)..i hab given myslf 2 yrs for dis purpose for me dere is not age problem plz advice from which to start ,, for gs wat to study wat not to. plz mention relevent books for gs paper only how to maximize uor marks for prelim as well as mains , thanks

Keerthy said...

First of all Thank you so much Abhishek,

Ur articles are really helpful in dispelling many misconceptions and a guiding spirit for every aspirant. I am planning to take Sociology and Public Administration as my optionals. But I am in a confusion as to which one should I opt for my prelims. What should be the parameters for reaching upto the right decision? Could you respond as early as possible?
Hope to hear from u soon

Your Well Wisher

neelam said...

exellent job ..... could u plz suggest me frm whr one shold cover polity 4 gs.. me currently reading laxmikanth , is it sufficient.

Funda said...

hi abhishek,

it was a bit relieving as well as clearity of the things after reading ur posts.
i am i9 yrs old and there are still3 more yrs to complete ma graduation. so, could u pls suggest me if i should opt for any coaching as of now or should rely on gathering knowledge on subjects in gs..? and what books do i read and cut out what part while making notes on them?

rahul said...

hi abishek
i just want ask that i m a very average student i got 65% in both 10th nd +2. but for upsc i m very serious, right now i m in final yr b.tech. what will u suggest me to start my prepration..

Anonymous said...

hey abhishek..

first of all i wud lyk 2 wish u all luck fr the result u waiting...!!!welll to start wid..m also plannin 2 give a prelims n m pretty much serious abt it..it wud be really helpful if u cud guide me how to start ma preparation..n the materials required..n also the tym managemnt..i ve done wid ma masters..n ryt now decided 2 go fr upsc..but m o confused whre 2 strt wid..i ve planned fr history n geography as optionals...but how abt psychology??n yea plz temme wat pasrts of the hindu i shud concentrate more!!!i kn m posing u lot many questions...but it wud b really helpful if u cud consider it!!!
regards habiba.

zehra said...

hi abhishek , my dilemma is pretty much like habiba's...i don't understand how much to read from the hindu.is reading the editorial sufficient? iam in the II year of graduation.please throw some light on the hours that i should devote to newspaper reading daily...

zehra :)

Unknown said...

Hello Abhishek

I have gone through your article waht not to study for UPSC Prelims Exam. I have done M.Sc. Chemistry and I am very weak in GK, current affairs and general studies. Being very weak in all these areas, I should not think to give IAS exam. But I feel I can give this exam if I get proper guidance. Please help me out from where to study for general studies, GK, current affairs, history, geography etc. i.e. paper I for prelims.


Unknown said...

Hello Abhishek

I have gone through your article waht not to study for UPSC Prelims Exam. I have done M.Sc. Chemistry and I am very weak in GK, current affairs and general studies. Being very weak in all these areas, I should not think to give IAS exam. But I feel I can give this exam if I get proper guidance. Please help me out from where to study for general studies, GK, current affairs, history, geography etc. i.e. paper I for prelims.


sonia the cool said...

hii myself sonia a btech aerospace final yr studnt thanks such a valueable guidance ....of paramount signifcant..can u suggest me way to work out for current affairs ...i tried many times reading newspaper bt i used to get bore with that ...so current affairs had bcm fearful dream plzz help

Unknown said...

hello sonia

yes you are right. reading current affairs in newspaper becomes so bored. dont know what to do? Can anyone help me?


Anonymous said...

Can you jus tell the topics i have to take notes from "THE HINDU" please...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hi sir, my name is ravi n i m really thankful 2 u 4 helping the aspirants of i.a.s. really u r helping us a lot by giving time from ur busy schedule.sir i m a student from n i m perusing b.sc bio-tech i ve interest in chemistry from my school days n i m planning 2 opt 4 chemistry as my 1st optional subject.so, sir can u please help me in selecting books 4 that.that ll b a gr8 help 2 me.i believe u ll surely help me.I wish god ll help u in every step of ur life as u r helping others. thankfully, ravi

Unknown said...

sir, when do v need 2 submit our graduation results? sir do reply, i m waiting 4 ur reply.....

GK said...

Dear Abhishek,

All the very best for your IAS selection. Thanks a ton for sharing the information here. Its very helpful.
I am a Comp. Engg. working in Mumbai.
I have just started with first attempt prep. of GS. Could you please suggest me to choose 2nd optional. I have chosen Public Ad and Psychology/Sociology. I like Psychology but here in mumabi there are only 2-3 institues in my knowledge. That also dont offer Psychology coaching.

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,
Gaurav Kumawat

Arpit Tater said...

Hello All,

Is there any chance of getting PDF for History and GS book?

is yes please contact me at taterarpit@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi...need a clarity...........................Suppose if i score very less in GS( say "0") and full(300) in optional..will there be any chance for getting qualified????

Unknown said...

hello sir!
i hv gone through your article. it interested me a lot. right now i'm doing 1st year engnnrg. i have taken up CS. i think i still have a lot of time to prepare for IAS examination. i would like to know how to prepare for the same from now. kindly guide me.

Unknown said...

hi,myself abhishek doing engineering in computers frm thapar ,patiala and i'm in 2nd yr.
i want to choose chemistry as my opt1 as i am strong in that.i have to appear in 2012. can u suggest me other option .

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek ,
My name is Mamta Chauhan, In 2011 i am going to appear for UPSc prelims . I dont have proper idea of how to study and how to go through this preims.
Iam really tensed so pls help me out .

Durga said...

Hi Abhishek,

Can u guide me what needs to be done for reasoning @mental ability questions as iam a B,com Background For PRELIMS.

Durga Prasad

chennurupranathi said...

Hai Abhishek
Im pranathi persuing final year BTECH.I started preparing for UPSC prelims so as to attempt in 2012.I am reading HINDU,FRONTLINE on regular basis but im faced problem to remember all CEO,CMD,country capitals and so on.Therefore i kindly request u to suggest me some of the tips to overcome this difficulty.

Anonymous said...


Maharishi said...
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Maharishi said...

Hi Abhishek,
I am also a software engineer and for last 2 year am abroad. In recent years I too found my self inclined towards civil services. I am already 27 and I have got only 2.5 yrs left to achieve my this dream(UPSC).As I knw deadline is 30 yrs.
Could you please assist me whether its still achievable or I should forget this and keep focusing on my current career. I am very much interested and ready to take 2 years break for preparation.Now a days I am desperate to fight it but couldn't find from where to start.
Please suggest.

virendra said...

Hi Maharishi,

First of all , i will congratulate you for your decision and my friend remember in this life nothing is impossible in this world .
Sorry to say , you are searching answer(result) without fighting a battle.
Beleive yourself first then ask for any help or suggestion from anyone. You can do it boss . And you have to do it .You don't have any option. think like this and alway put your best. I am sure you will get your success.
My comment is not technical but if u think it is more than that .
Brain is only your weapon that you got it since your birth to fight all the battle in your life in this world and that was persented to you by God to you. Sharp it , give strength to this weapon and WIN !! this world.

Move forward you will win .Don't feel depressed.

Biswajit Dutta said...

Does MIL matter a lot in CSE.

Unknown said...

i am persuing btech in ece…ill drop an year to prepare for ias..plzz tell dat if ias does not happen..will i be able to get an engineeering job after a gap of 1 year?
i knw i am beibg pessimestic but i need to knw dis…
plzz hlp

shwethashri said...

hello sir, i am shwetha shri pursuing my btech in final year of engg and i want to attend civil service examinations in the year 2014 by dropping one year after engg? just i want to know the strategy for preparation initially, as i am confused as from where to start, i have read that should start with ncert books but then how should i be perfect in those topics what i have read becoz the syllabus is huge reading ncert from 6th-10th is a huge task
plzz help me in this regard..i will be glad to u...

Anonymous said...

hey can i take both geography n geology together