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Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to prepare Psychology for UPSC Prelims ?

Psychology is very popular among the UPSC/IAS aspirants as a second optional in Mains, but in prelims very few people take it up. Psychology is primarily opted in prelims by those who have a background in the subject or by doctors. But then there are exceptions to every rule and this generalisation is hardly a rule. I opted for Psychology in prelims because of the curiosity and interest factor though i had considered history and public administration previously.I realised that Psychology was one subject which i could read again and again and yet not feel drained.In fact with every repeated reading one acquires newer insights into the subject. Many aspirants ask that which optional should they select and my answer (backed with some experience) invariably is that you chose any optional/subject depending on your interest in the subject, just don't have this herd mentality that since everyone else is opting for this particular optional i should also take it up.Because whatever subject you opt for in prelims, you will have to read it again and again to get clarity of concepts essential for this exam.And believe me you can clear the prelims with any optional provided you have the right preparation and attitude towards the exam.Don't be negative and listen to others but chart your own course.So i opted for psychology primarily because of interest in the subject.
I joined Vajiram & Ravi for GS and Psychology in the winter of 2004 and slowly i realised that in popular perception i had committed a suicidal error by taking up Psychology for prelims.Everyone warned me about the low success ratio of psychology students in prelims and how tough it is and so on.Thankfully, i got good support and guidance from my mentors,family and friends which helped in clearing prelims with psychology in my first attempt itself.

If you have psychology as your prelims optional then this is what you must do :

1.Baron and Morgan-King are two text books that ned to be read from end to end.Don't think that only few chapters are important,don't be selective just thank your stars that in psychology you have to read just two books .Moreover the subject matter is so interesting, but do make synoptic notes of what you study.

2.Get the class-notes of Mukul Pathak Sir (Vajiram & Ravi) which should be available in xerox shops.Even if you do not get it,no harm done but try getting it.

3.Get GRE book by KAPLAN for Psychology. This book is a sure shot winner all the way but much would depend on how you make use of it. It contains two test papers with detailed explanations and tips on how to arrive at a correct answer in MCQ's even when you are not sure about the answer.

4.Get the previous ten years question papers of UPSC for psychology.The problem is that these are unsolved.I can help those of you who are interested in this separately as i have solved the papers till 2008.Though in psychology sometimes the options are so close that the right answer would depend on the examiner's point of view in framing the question.But not to worry as this is the same for all the candidates.

5.Make it a point that you get familiarity with the names and their contributions in psychology.These are easy questions and you should not miss out on them.

6.Don't be over-cautious in exam because of negative marking,back your instincts if you have prepared well.

I will be covering psychology in much more detail in later posts,please feel free to ask anything relevant to prelims and UPSC preparation.Your comments and queries will be my motivation in continuing with this blog .All the very best !!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek, I'm greatful for your blog, which is very helpful for aspirants like me. I need a favour from you, would you be able to email me previous quesion papers of psycology prelims, or atleast send me a link where i can download it.
my e-mail id anand.hiremath01@gmail.com.
Many Thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,

that is a valuable contribution on the subject . But just wanted to know on the reference books for the topics on Military psychology and the application of psychology in the current IT world . Was trying to find a suitable book on the topics but couldnt find it till now . Shall appreciate for your help !!


Abhishek said...

@ Anand ... thx ! u can easily get the previous year question papers of psychology or any subject in any bookstall catering to civil services students in Delhi.In case u r not frm delhi u can contact them :
New Vishal Publications
E-153, West Patel Nagar
New Delhi - 110008
alternatively u can look it up at any online bookstore.
gud luck !!!

@ Dr.Peeyush ...

For military psychology, u can refer Pathak Sir's notes.That should be sufficient.
For applications in psychology refer IIIM's question bank on psychology for prelims.Also Vajiram had provided a question bank with solved answers which was very helpful.Try getting that.
All the best :)

Unknown said...

Abhishek, I am sure, lot many people will be benefited from this effort; thanks mate.

Abhishek said...

@ jadu ... thanks yaar , wud not have been possible without ur help n support :)

Anil said...


Great blog. You are doing a very valuable service. Keep it up.

I need some information about the text books you suggest. I live abroad and have to order all the books through Amazon.

When I search there for the "Introduction to Psychology" book by Morgan & King and "Psychology" Baron, I get loads of results.

I would be grateful if you could point me to the correct book. The full title of the book along with the names of all the authors and the year of publication or an ISBN number would be very helpful to narrow down the search.

Once again thank you very much for your effort. You will definitely change a few peoples lives.


Abhishek said...

@ Anil .. thx for ur kind words .. i have posted the list of books alongwith their ISBN numbers .. hopefully it will be of some help.
All the very best !!!

Anonymous said...

Much like yourself I am an Engineering graduate, have no idea about psychology as a formal subject. Now there are only four months left to prepare, i have opted for psychology, will this time frame be enough for preparation. I have left my job and am going to dedicate full time for UPSC!

Abhishek said...

@Vikram ... time is just enough to prepare well and have a good crack at prelims, i hope ur decision to opt for psychology was based on interest primarily.Anyway,I opted for it out of interest, just start with baron and morgan&king ,read chapters n make notes and in case of any doubt post ur query .
all the very best :)

Anonymous said...

yes its out of interest and not out of ur blog [:)]. I had taken bio during Junior college, both my parents are doc's. and I love Hannibal Lecter! :).Neway I am from mumbai, der are no gud private class's here. I took a crack at State insti for admin careers (mah govt run, with maths as optional) without any prep, and missed by 3 marks. Cud u suggest sme class's or insti's whch send notes by correspondece? are brilliant tutorials notes good!

Abhishek said...

@Vikram ... good to hear from u and about u ;)
self-study is the best if backed by proper guidance ... correspondence courses are okay i suppose to give u a feel of the syllabus and what to study but correspondence course in isolation wud be not sufficient as far as i think.U will need to supplement it with reading of text-books and if possible interacting with people who have already written the exam and can guide u.Yes i can fill that role to some extent i hope but no harm in finding a mentor closeby ;)
u r most welcome to post any query relating to psychology,get the GRE book for psychology as well,its worth it !
i dont have much idea about brilliant notes,for psychology the books that i have suggested in my blog would do the job :)

Anonymous said...

hiii abhishek.
thnx alot for posting such valuable information on this blog!!
it certainly has given me a lot of confidence!!
evn i hav opted fr psychology jus lik u as an optional subject for prelims n tat 2 coz of my sheer interest 2 learn sumthn new!!
thnx a lot fr helpn all of us out wit ur valuable suggestions:)

Anonymous said...

hey abhishek do u hav any idea if thr is gud material available online fr psychology??

Anonymous said...

n 1 more thng can u plz tell me whr in delhi can i find thz books???

Abhishek said...

@ Vyom ... thanks ,glad to be of some service to fellow aspirants :)

@ Anonymous ... online availability of material, i m not very sure ... but in delhi u can get material for psychology easily in Ber Sarai(near IIT Delhi) ,ask for it in the bookshops u can get Mukul Pathak sir's class-notes and basic books -Baron ,Morgan&King,GRE Psychology ... read these books again n again to get clarity of concepts :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

As per your recommen, i have got the GRE book, could you plz guide me how to make optimum use of it.

thx .. lovleen

Abhishek said...

@ Lovleen ... read the GRE book from first page onwards,it starts with certain tips on taking GRE test but applies equally well to any objective test ... ideally one reading of Baron n Morgan & king shud be done before but it can be done simultaneously as well ...after reading each chapter attempt the test for that chapter and read the explanations ...that will give u lot of information and insight ...all d best !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi abhishek,
I am doing my engineering in Kerala. My optional is psychology.
I have Morgan/ Baron.

Should I get Mukul's notes.How can i get hold of them?

I have friends in Delhi, may be they can courier it.

Which bookshop is his NoTES available?

Thanks a lot.
waiting for ur reply


Abhishek said...

@ Anonymous ... since u r doing ur engineering at present ,so dont bother with Mukul Sir's notes at present ... go through Baron and morgan&king in ur free time nad develop some clarity in the subject ...later on u can get the notes with the help of ur frens in delhi (xeroxes shud be easily available near IIT Delhi area, Ber Sarai ;there are lots of bookshops )...all d best !!!

Aye opine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aye opine said...

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks a lot for your advice. I have a few questions to ask you .
I am pursuing S.Y.B.A in economics from Pune.
I plan to complete my post graduation in economics after which i will appear for the U.P.S.C exams. I am considering economics and psychology as my two optional subjects.
Do you think i should reconsider the choice. I have selected these subjects purely on the basis of my interest in them. Do you think that pursuing post graduation before the first attempt would be a waste as most of my friends are appearing for the exam in 2010 immediately after their graduation
Please let me know on my email id. Thanks a lot again !
Email Id - iravati90@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

This is nikhil,i am an engg graduate..and wanna give upsC in 2010
with phycology in prelims.
But i want to study in hindi..
could you please guide me..if this morgon and king book comes in hindi ediition as well..


Abhishek said...

@Iravati ... if u r following ur interest ,there is no need to reconsider ur choice at all ...i dont think pursuing post graduation before ur first attempt wud be a waste of time ,there is no point in just giving attempts without building a base n feeling confident about it ... so dont worry if ur frens are jumping straight into upsc quagmire provided u have age on your side ...so i wish u all d very best :)

Abhishek said...

@Nikhil ... yaar i have no idea if this particular book is in hindi ,it must be as i remember in my coaching class there used to be one guy who was giving upsc with psychology in hindi medium ...even if this book is not available,dere must be other good books of psychology in hindi ...all d best :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks abhishek..
If you got to know anybody who has prepared in hindi medium then please encourge him to give guidence for hindi medium aspirants also on this blog that will also be beneficial..


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek, Thank u for this blog yaar. you mentioneds that you have done a mistake while choosing psychology as your optional subject in Prelims. Why? and I have done my MBA and I dont have any back ground of psychology and Economics but I am very interested in both. one more thing is that I am bit good at numbers Please guide me to chose a subject Feel free to mail me to "tr_hari_krishnan@yahoo.co.in"

Abhishek said...

@Nikhil ...Thanks for ur suggestion , i will try n ask someone to share his/her experience of giving this exam from hindi medium ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Harikrishna... i had written that in popular perception i had committed a mistake as psychology is not opted by many for prelims though its quite popular as 2nd optional ...i really liked reading psychology and still do ,so for me psychology remains the subject of choice anyday ... u need to select optionals depending on ur interest and aptitude,both psycho and economics can be taken as two optionals ,kindly go thru my post on selecting an optional to get my view on it ...all d best !!!

siddharth said...

hi abhishek,i'm preparing for upsc 2010.i read your blog regularly which has helped me a lot. i need a favour from you can you give me the link from where to download the previous years ques papers of psychology or if you have with them please mail me if you can.
my mail id:-uniyal.siddharth@yahoo.com

siddharth uniyal

chaoticdotz said...

hi....really a nice attempt to guide us novice aspirants....i m an IT guy working in Pune...so i m new to the sub, found it interesting but need to wrk hard for it.....if u can help me with some serious students in Pune with Psycho as optional it will be grt...thnx in advance....i m chaits.rocks.84@gmail.com

Abhishek said...

@ Siddharth ... thx , actually if u know someone in delhi ask him/her to buy the question papers from any book store dealing in competitive exam books ... reagrding online availability of question papers as of now i have no idea,maybe u can google it ....all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@ Chaitanya ... u can find ppl in pune interested in pursuing civil services through orkut or any such social networking sites ... all d best !!!

Unknown said...

hello abhishek .

i am a reader of this blog like most of its readers for some time.i congragulate the sincerity u hav shown in expressing and writing with a mind to help people. This will help u in life abhishek - whether u r in civil service or else where.

i am also so happy that u got the interview call. and waitin to hear abt ur interview here.

i have some doubts for my preperation. i have decided to go with psychology and geography as optionals.
Few doubts about the study i have are
1) for psychology is page to page reading of books u have said is necessary. to be clear - which books of the list u gave are to be read page to page. which have to read according to significance
2)i see a syllabus given in most subjects. do we have to read the frontiers of the defined syllabus or just stick to the syllabus. - i mean for psychology nd geo.
3) i am a south indian and so would like to know which is the best institute for coaching in south india. i have read ur post on coaching centres and i feel all of them in north india. could u help with the best in south.
4)how did u get practise in writing essays. how did u check (wat parameters) that a essay u wrote was best to score.Eg: word counts u aimed, number of paragraphs u wrote for each type of qtns, did u use illustration and so on.
5)wud it be better to have discussion with friends at coaching center or does that only add confusion to the views we have.
6) how much did it cost in all (practically) for u to study at vajram and ravi. i am not planning v&r coz i have empty pocket but just want to know if some how i can figure out.
7)plz put a time chart u used to study coz it will help many readers like me

i have already asked so much........want to ask so much more. but i shouldnt burden u at the most crucial time of ur life

if some how the interviewers ask abt ur social commitments just show this blog and here we r hundreds of ur fans......

bye for now abhishek

my email id: ganeshrao1987@gmail.com

tiru said...

hi abhi u doing a great work..... am tirupati an engi graduate...i wanna take upsc 2010 so am preparin now so plz suggest me while selecting optoinals.... being mechanical i teken d mechanical as 1st optional .... but chosing 2nd is freaky n confused.... am interstd in maths n geography....plz tel me scope n syllabus n materials availability for both subs.....
my tiru092@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek
Your blog is really informative for people like me who are clueless about the ias exams.

I have psychology as a prelim subject but find it difficult to answer many questions asked in the prelim becasue i cannot make out where they have picked them up from. I have read Morgan and King, Baron and NCERT only. I read your article on psychology prelims, you have not mentioned the book Social Psychology by Baron and Bryne. Should it be read for the prelims. Also should Chaplin and Kraweik be read. Where can I get it?
I have done MBA and is it advisable for me to take management as an optional?
Thanks in advance for answering.

Anonymous said...

wat happ abhisek........seems u r offline for long

F A hakim said...

hi! Abhishek
I m realy proud of u that ur doing such a gr8 service to upcoming youths . reallly its quite appreciable that u r making out so much time to help others . really ur having a gud heart and India needs such an officers for the development. I m Sure that ull b definetly selected for IAS.
Sir , mu question is, i m a Agril graduate , firstly i had opted for Public Adm for Prelims and Anthropology 4 mains but i m really confused about Pub Adm as it is having lots of Authors name and more defination to remember which is hindering me so i was thinking of opting psychology , as i m intersted in technicle subject and this developed my interest on psychology. So technicle subjects r seems to b more easily graspable. so does the prilims paper is based technically or it is therotical like to remember most of defination of Authors like in Pub Adm, so please suggest me opting for psychology at prelims will b a right option 4 me .
and wat should b the number of correct answers for cutt off at prelims
thnk u
F A Hakim

Abhishek said...

@Ganesh ...thx so much 4 :)
my apologies 4 replying so late ,so here are my answers to ur queries :
1.Baron and Morgan&King are two books that need to be read end to end.Its interesting stuff ,so i see no problem in reading these books.
2.Stick to the syllabus basically, unless u want to become a scholar in dat particular subject.
3.I dont know abt any good institute in South India ,but Chennai and Hyderabad are two places which have a number of institutes.
4.Essay should be ideally about 1000 words, well organised,coherent and originality of ideas fetches good marks.Still writing a good essay remains more of an art and there is lot of subjectivity involved.
5.Its always gud to have frends especially if they are equally committed and having poistive mindset.Again individual specific question ,so cant say much.
6.It costed me 54K in 2004 oct to take coaching 4 Psychology and GS.
7.I was not very systematic in my study ,though i used to make lot of plans ;)

I hope this wud be useful ,all the best :)

Abhishek said...

@ Tirupati ... u shud go by ur interest ,as for availabity of resources , u will find more resources in case of Geography as it is a very popular optional...but decide only after going thru the syllabus of both the subjects and evaluating ur interest in them ...all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@Aatish ... i referred only Baron,mOrgan & king , Mukul Pathak sir's class notes and GRE book ... u can safely ignore for the time being other books ... its very important to get clarity of concepts, for which u might need to read the same book again and again ,instead of reading too many different books ...questions in psychology prelims are quite tricky but its the same 4 everyone , so prepare thoroughly and u will do well ...all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@ FA Hakim ... thx :)
see names and definitions are going to be there in psychology as well, so u shud base ur selection of optional on your interest in the subject and aptitude for the subject...people clear this exam with all kinds of optionals ,so consult the syllabus nad previous years question papers to decide on the optional...

Unknown said...

thank you sir,

i have started with robert A baron. i couldnt get robert a baron with same isbn number.....hope its the same robert a baron....the first chapter is PSychology: A Science and a Perspective .....Second is Biological Bases of Behaviour. Hope i have not caught the wrong rabbit.

i am in a very remote place and ur blog entry and comments u post are very useful.

I feel u should start writing about appearing in mains too. You will touch the victory line this time and after that plz write about mains too.

Thanks very much for patient reply

Abhishek said...

@Ganesh ... thx :) and u have caught the right rabbit ,dat is the book ... writing for mains is also something that i have thought about ,though mains is lot more subjective and one man's cake can easily be another man's poison ...so lets see wht can be done ...all d best !!!

faisal said...

sir! ...tnx 4 rply
I m having a keen intrest in the subject so ns atrting preparing for psychology so can you plz tell me what should be the number of correct questions to get safer in prelims

Vijay M R said...

hello all ! I am vijay M R, I am studying CA-Final, My goal is to succeed in UPSC. I would like to opt Commerce & Public Admin. as optional for prelims and Final. Can you guide/ help me on this My mail ID is vijay4upsc@gmail.com..

bornTowin said...

Hi Abhishek,This blog is very much useful and valuable for the aspirants like me. I need the suggestion from and help from you.I am the BE(Computer Science),Presently am woking as the software Engg in 1 pvt company in Bangalore. I have ambition to become IAS from my childhood.But i am unable to get prepare for Examination.(Not getting time).So i am planning to quit this job.( But i am from the middle class family,Taking this decision also bit difficult....So pls give me ur suggestion regard this).I have applied for the UPSC prelims-2009.I have opted for Maths unknowing.Now only 1 week is left for the exam.(I don't know what to do should i need to take the exam or not,This is my 1st try.And also suggest me which subject is best for opting ).

Thanks and Regards,

Anonymous said...

hi Abhishek, please can you guide me in selecting optionals.i have selected psychology and sociology.i donno a bit abt them .i have selected them just out of interest.
i am from electronics engg background.how may hrs of study is required?

Anonymous said...


is it better to take sociology or geography as one of the optional....my second optional is psychology....pls help

Aatish said...

Hi Abhishek
Thanks for answering my previous question.
Could you post the answer key to the 2009 psychology paper and what would be the expected cutoff.
Also could you send me the answer keys to the previous years papers for psychology.

Mahaveer Jain said...

Abhisekh let me know the cut off of Psychology for prelim

Unknown said...

Hi abhisekh i have scored 76 in psycho and 55 in GS please let me know the cut off for psycho

Anonymous said...

The cut off for GS wud be around 50-52.min gs around 40 if u can make it up in optional(vaji ram coaching centre source) and psychology around 70-72(rising Institute source).Hey People,post the keys if u get it...asap wud be greatly appreciated!One for all...all for one! Adios. NB: A pat on ur back, Abhishek.

New Delhi

Unknown said...

hello Abhishek,,,,this is really a good job from u to the new aspirants like me also...i also need a guidence from u. plz guide me,the optional subject for prlims.. i m from humanities group... but want to take psycology as optional...i have'nt read it earlier as a subject.from where i have to start first(which books i have to prefer)from initial
plz reply me ,,my e-mail id is manjumaurya2008.09@gmail.com

Garima said...

Hi Abhishek! i just read your post and find it very helpful. I am also a software engineer.After considering various optionals, i chose pyschology as my second optional.I opted Pub Ad. for prelims.Kindly provide me info. regarding preparation for pyschology for mains. I m new to this subject.I am planning to join Vajiram n Ravi. Can you suggest any good postal guidance?

Sree...... said...

Sir, I am from kerala. I hv taken psychology asa my 1st optional. I want to get the study materials provided by vajiram and ravi for psychology. Is there any one to help me. I am ready pay the cash...

Vinodh Kumar said...

Hi Abishek, Thanks a lot for your ocean of guidance for Prelims. Can you please mail me Mukul Pathak Sir's notes to vinohymi@gmail.com. It will be very helpful for me if you do this favour.

kangan said...

Hi Abhishek,

Firstly your effort to reach out to IAS aspirants is highly commendable!
I wanna take up the 2010 upsc exam.I have decided on PubAd as my prelim optional and psychology as the second.I have read anoop's post on PubAd.I know its early for mains but if you could guide me wit the books for psychology for mains tat wuld be great!

anuj said...

well abhishek what u mentioned is very helpful ..what about mains preparation for psychology..are those books for mains too...
also i wanted to ask that ..i feel that one should prepare for mains and prelims would be taken care of with the practice for mcq's. am i right??or the strategy is different here???
please clear my doubts..would be thankful to you..

Ram Manohar Bokkisa said...

Hi Abhishek..great blog..I am ram manohar .. i m doing civil engg dual degree in IIT madras..got 2 more yrs of study..i chose chemistry and psychology as my optionals...i came to know thru ur posts that ur optional is psychology too.. but i m taking it as second optional...

i think u r gonna write how to prepare for psychology mains soon...so waiting for that post...

have a good day....

Neelam said...

Hello sir, psychology is my main option.please guide me books for main.Thanks a lota for this great blog

Unknown said...

I am sharad mishra i am preparing for the UPSC for 2010 and my subjects are Mathematics and public Administration basically i am a software Er.Plaese guide me how could i approach for the mathematics and Pubad

Thanks & Warm regards
Sharad Mishra

Unknown said...

I am Sharad Mishra I am preparing for UPSC for the year 2010 mY subject's are Mathematics and Publicadministration sir will you please guide me so that i can Move in Right direction

Thanks & Warm reagrds
Sharad Mishra

Anonymous said...

sir,will the upsc age limit be reduced to 25

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,

I am an aspirant for UPSC 2010 and have opted for Pyschology as optional for prelims, pub admin as second optional. Can you please email me Mukul Pathak sir's notes on my email id - behl_neha@yahoo.com ? It would be a great help if you could send me the notes.

Anonymous said...

I am an aspirant for UPSC 2010 and have opted for Pyschology as optional for prelims, pub admin as second optional. Can you please email me Mukul Pathak sir's notes on my email id - beauty_giri@hotmail.com? It would be a great help if you could send me the notes

Unknown said...

hi abhishek.

i came across ur blog recently and i appreciate ur efforts in helping people like us.

can u send me the solved prelims papers till 2008
i thank u very much.
also let me know is it necessary to attend coaching institutes to clear psychology . can i rely 100% completely on self study.

thank u

Deepak said...

Thanks for sharing all the info Abhishek. I have a question that might help a lot of other people like me and you are quite the right person to answer it. About Psychology Mains, please let us know how important is the Vajiram and Ravi (or any other coaching) to get good marks. Not all of us can enroll in Delhi and there is hardly any other quality Psychology coaching available elsewhere. We can get the books and the photocopy notes (of Vajiram) for Psychology though. So, with the books and the notes and some extra hard work (which can be done in time and resources saved from not going to Delhi) would we be prepares as well as the folks who attend the Delhi coaching or does attending the coaching in Delhi (esp Vajiram) surpasses everything else.
Is Psychology manageable without Delhi coaching? Manageable, as in good score (~350).
I need to decide whether to stay back to move to Delhi for 6 month or to drop Psychology for lack of guidance and your answer would be of great help.

Shrey Jain said...

hi abhishek! im shree jain, did B.A in psycho. now preparing for ias pre with psycho. ur blog proved a great help. pease tell me from where did u prepare research and statistics part? also tell me about ur GS preparation for prelims

sumit said...

Hi Abhishek,
I am Sumit.
I am reading your blogs from last 3-4 months. I read this blog again and again ,at least 5-8 times, to boost my moral.

I am preparing Psychology and Pub. Ad. for mains but somehow i want to have my prelim with psychology even after i read 2-3 books on pub ad. and completed half of the syllabus for mains.

I like Psychology and read Morgan and King. Now i am reading baron and almost completed Kaplan GRE Psychology, wow that really an eye opener and as you said sure shot winner.

My strategy is to read at least 3 books , 1st reading, on psychology ( Morgan , baron and KAPLAN GRE) and 4 books on Pub Ad. ( Pub Ad. A&M , Indian Pub. Ad. Goyal , New Horizon of Pub Ad. , Administrative thinker P&P ) before this December. So that i can complete almost mains syllabus for Pub Ad. and prelim for Psychology. I am supplanting this by GS too.

As you have suggested regarding answers of previous year question paper, Can you email Answer keys of previous year prelim Psychology papers.
I will be hearty grateful to you and i desperately in need of answer keys.

Thanks Abhishek, you are doing very good job for ICS aspirant and especially for Psychology guys.

My email id is :

jitender said...

Dear sir,

I,m a mechanical engineer & working with a MNC. Can u plz tell me that medium of writing of IAS exam is a big factor in selection process. Can i take hindi medium & get succeed in this exam.
I want to take optional subjects- Geography & sociology.plz tell me the best coaching center for these subjects in hindi medium.



surabhi said...

hi abhishek,
it felt realy gud readin ur blog.
I gave my prelims dis yr but dint get thru,had joind study circle but not realy helpful.i am very fond of psychology and plan to take it up for 2010 prelims.Earlier i had opted for public admin which was realy tough.I would be really grateful if u give me some guidance as to how do i start for psycho as well as GS?n wot shud i choose for the mains?
my e-mail id moresurabhi@gmail.com
awaiting ur reply

Unknown said...

Hi Abhishek,your blog is really very helpful for civil service aspirants. I am taking psychology as my second optional.I m taking coaching for the same from vajiram. Can u suggest me how to start preparing for psychology mains? And what else is required apart from mukul pathak's notes and Baron?

Sachin Chaugule said...

Hello abhishek,
First of all I would like to thank you for starting this blog, which is really helpful . I need some guidance to choose subjects for mains .I have completed my BE computer , so what kind of subjects can I choose so that I can have a good score in them ..
Please Advise

Unknown said...

Hi. . just read your blog. . i have my first option as psychology. . m surrounded my baron, m&k, baron n byrne, freeman n levinthal. . few to name n my notes plus my coachin notes. but m not really satisfied. please try n figure out where m wrong. n wil try n get pathak sir's notes asap. . waitin for your reply.

Unknown said...

Hi thanx for your input in my prep. .i have asked someone in delhi to arrange for Pathak sir's notes. . but how wil v get to know that v have got his notes only. . .

Pooja S said...

Hi Abhishek,

I wanted to know if NCERT books are needed to be covered for prelims. If yes are both 11th and 12th class books necessary ?


Unknown said...

abhishek nice work i like to have Psycho as mains subject can you suggest few books

Anonymous said...

all question about preparations and single answer


Unknown said...

Thanks Sir, for starting this blog.
sir I want coaching of psychology but I have no idea which is the good institute for this in Delhi. can you suggest me that where I got right guidance

aman said...

hi..is there any solved ques bank available for psychology mains ?

Anonymous said...

hello sir, myself annu joshi.I am prep[aring for civil services.Sir,plz tell me how much time is needed to prepare for psychology?

Unknown said...

hey abhishek,mayank here.gr8 to see ur effort.i sinserely appreciate.i surely have psychology as optional in prelims.its my 3rd mains.i scored in ranges of 240 each time.wasnt able to comlete papaer.could u pls guide me to stucture the answers well.how to tackle the new trend.i mean i followed mukul pathak but p-2 merely managed 90 after literally copying the stuff.your views awaited.

Anonymous said...

hi abhi , u had really huge experience in psychology , and studied for long time . can u plzz help me plzz . i am IT student , looking to opt psychology as 2nd preference . i would be great thankful to u , if u do little help and i hope it will help others aspirants too .

Basic psychology ::::::::::::

Abnormal · Affective science · Affective neuroscience · Behavioral neuroscience · Cognitive · Cognitive neuroscience · Comparative · Cultural · Developmental · Evolutionary · Experimental · Mathematical · Personality · Positive · Psycholinguistics · Psychophysics · Psychophysiology · Social · Theoretical


Applied psychology :::::::::

Assessment · Clinical · Community psychology · Consumer · Counseling · Educational · Forensic · Health · Industrial and organizational · Legal · Media · Military · Occupational health · Pastoral · Political · Psychometrics · School · Sport and exercise · Systems · Traffic

hi this i copied from wiki ,to know how things are organised . so i find this , i would like to know the correct view , which parts comes under which ,so that , i will be reading in format order ,to avoid problems with the subjects .


here is syllabus for mains , can u plzz , spend the little time and putting ur effort for lot of aspirants , to know exactly . the perfect hirarchy.well i am studying by own , so i have to own research , those who already under coaching mostly they get advise with there mentors ,

i just wanted to know , in each paper 1, paper 2 , the subtopics , comes under which part , hope u understood my point of view . coz u are from engg branch , even i . so learning from the basic and knowing the entire outframe is imp to me to generate interest and concentration .


Unknown said...

I m studying in NIT Jamshedpur,and unable to go to delhi,so could anybody help me in getting Mukul Pathak sir's notes in psychology........please mail any suggestion regarding this on bauwajijha@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hi abhishek
i m a computer engineering student from nagpur currently in third year.i have decided to go for pubad as my 1st optional and have started its preparation elementery.
i m thinking going for psycology as my optional in mains..shud i go for it or not as i m in doubt about wheather i would get proper study material n guidence for it ? i have no background of it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. I highly appreciate your efforts. Could you help me in formulating a methodology for Mains preparation. I have already done some basic ground work by reading GRE Psychology book and IGNOU materials. I shall be joining an institute for coaching after i give my prelims(2011). I wanted a structured approach for mains preparation.

nakshatra said...

hi abhishek it's swati here
i'm a chemical engineering student and i'm confused regarding choosing my subjects for upsc preparation.
i'm thinking about taking sociology and psychology do you think it's good or cud u plz guide me thru any other subject with psychology. also do tell me about which subject to take for prelims.

Mutuelle sante said...

I enjoy this instruction, highly helpful, now to prepare psychology for upsc prelims ? is quick. Thanks for writing

siva kesav said...

@abhishek can u help in the case of psychology mains

kumar said...

hai abhishek,
I have completed engineering and am currently working in BSNL as jto and i am interested in cracking UPSC and my optionals are psychology and electrical engineering. and i feel your blog has guided me a lot towards UPSC and can you get me the copy of Mukul Pathak class notes my mail id kumar_yes@rediffmail.com

kumar said...

Hi Abhishek,
I am very much impressed towards your blog, iam currently working as a bsnl and completed engineering . i have selected psychology as my option along with electrical engineering can you get me the copy of Mukul Pathak note which would be a greatest support

Yashwanth said...

Hi Abhishek,

i have taken psychology as one of the optional, started reading ncert books...Can you help out further which books to be read stronlgly to score a good marks


Mir said...

Hi Abhishek, Plz email me the previous years solved question papers at 'insha34@yahoo.com', thanks.

madhu said...

i am doing my bbm final year i wil complete it by 2012 march cn i write ias exam in this may(2012) and which subjects are beter to take plz guide me...

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

Thankyou very much for the guidance. I am preparing for state civil services as well for which I need previous year papers. This would be really great if you can send me solved prelims papers to gauravkathuria21@gmail.com

SP said...

Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for all the guidance on psychology prelims. I am preparing for my state civil services and would be grateful if you could provide me with the solved prelims papers of psychology. my email id is mailspmalik@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hey abhishek...

since am working currently, i was wondering if postal course from vajiram n ravi 4 gs+csat wud help me in cracking d ias prelims or is it jut a long shot?2013 vl b my first attempt at ias xams.
wud appreciate a reply.

prashanth said...

hello sir i am preparing for civil services i elected psychology can you tell me which text books are suitable for that subject sir can you guide me sir my mail id is "spark.chinna@gmail.com"

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