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Thursday, February 19, 2009

General Knowledge For IAS UPSC Civil Services Examination - 2

This is the second part of General Knowledge capsule for UPSC Prelims. The first one can be accessed in my blog (www.civilservicessynopsis.in) archives. GK has become an important part of UPSC prelims general studies paper and especially in prelims lots of questions are asked from this section. I am basically trying to give an overview of information that can be useful from prelims perspective. The idea should be to remember important pieces of information as one cannot remember everything under the sun. So one has to be realistic and at the same time observant enough to select important information from the unending stream of information that aspirants are bombarded with by coaching institutes and competition oriented books.

Organisations HQ

1.UN - New York
2.Int’ l Court of Justice -  The Hague
3.UNDP,UNICEF -  New York
4.UNEP -  Nairobi
5.UNHCR - Geneva
6.IAEA,UNIDO - Vienna
7.FAO -  Rome
9.IMF - Paris & Geneva
10.World Bank (IBRD) - Washington DC
11.WIPO,WTO - Geneva
12.IMO - London
13.UPU - Berne
14.ICAO - Montreal
15.ADB - Manila
16.ASEAN - Djakarta
17.CARICOM Georgetown (Guyana)
18.CIS Minsk(Belarus)

B. Rivers
Brahmaputra – 2900 km
Indus - 2900 km
Ganga - 2510 km
Godavari – 1450 km
Narmada – 1290 km
Krishna – 1290 km
Mahanadi – 890 km
Kaveri – 760 km

Ranking of rivers on the basis of length and direction (west to east ,north to south etc) is a frequently asked question in UPSC prelims. One should also have a good idea about the important international rivers. Ensemble’s Geography through Maps is a good book to follow even for non-geography optional students.

C. Information on important straits :
1.Gibraltar strait separates Spain and Morocco.
2.Magellan strait separates Chile and Tierra del Fugeo.
3.Bass strait separates Australia and Tasmania.
4.Torres strait separates Australia and Papua New Guinea.
5.Bab-al-Mandab strait separates Yemen and Djibouti.
6.Strait of Hormuz separates Iran and UAE.
7.Strait of Malacca separates Malaysia and Sumatra.
8.Selat-sunda strait separates Sumatra and Java.

One should look up all important straits in Atlas and in fact referring atlas should become an important part of reading newspaper.Whenever and wherever one encounters the name of any place or country that one cannot place geographically ,one must immediately look it up in Atlas and don’t stop there,go a step further by looking up nearby countries,mountain ranges,rivers and also whether any tropic or equator is passing through it.This will make the learning more complete and can very well make make the difference.

D.Random Information
1.Oxalic Acid – used to remove ink spots.
2.Sulphuric Acid – dehydrating agent.
3.Hydrogen Peroxide – bleaching agent.
4.Haber’s Process – Ammonia.
5.Ostwald’s Process – Nitric Acid.
6.Solvay Process – Sodium Carbonate.
7.Parke’s Process – Silver.

E.Research Institutes Locations
1.Potato - Shimla
2.Leather - Chennai
3.Poultry - B’lore
4.Tobacco - Rajamundry
5.Rice - Cuttack
6.Sugarcane - Lucknow
7.Jute - Barrackpore
8.Botanical Survey - Kolkata
9.Dairy Institute - Karnal
10.Dairy Corporation - Anand
11.Coffee - Chikmaglur
12.Tea - Jorhat
13.Bee - Pune
14.Cotton - Thane

1.Haboob - Sudan
2.Harmattan – West Africa
3.Khamsin – North Africa
4.Bora – Adriatic Coast
5.Zonda – Argentina

To know the best books and sources for starting IAS UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation click on the link Best Books and Sources For IAS / UPSC Preparation


Raj said...

Hi Abhishekh!
May God bless you abundantly for rendering this selfless service. I will be taking my first attempt in 2010. I'm a Post Graduate in Psychology. I have chosen Psychology & Sociology as my optionals. I hope to join Vajiram and Ravi for GS and Psychology. Which is the best institute for Sociology? As I've heard that Sociology is not good at Vajiram, I have thought of Ramaswamy. Is that alright?

Abhishek said...

@ Raj ... thx yaar ,its a collaborative effort n widout my frens who contributed their articles it wud not hv been possible :)
u can try Ramaswamy or Upendra's ,both are good for sociology ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek.....
I am Prabha and presently pursuing the course of English journalism from indian Institute of mass communication.this is my first attempt for UPSC.i hv opted for Psychology and English literature as optionals.I have to do internship as well in april.can you suggest me the best way to prepare for the exam? and is my combination alright??

Abhishek said...

@ Prabha ... the best way to prepare wud be the one u r comfortable with ... managing ur internship in April with studies wud be a bit problematic but then its upto u as to how u make d best use of avilable time ... focus on optional and core areas of GS,maybe a few articles in this blog can be of use ...all d best !!!

sheeba said...

Thanx sir.i have completed my engg in 2008 branch comp engg.my optionals r psychology & public admin.plannig to give civil in 2010.can u suggest how to prepare for public admin.wer to start?

Abhishek said...

@sheeba...u can start by reading my friend Anoop's article on public administration where he has discussed how to start reading PA and which books to refer ...

Test001only said...

Can anyone please give some contact details for Ramaswamy for sociology classes.

emiliana said...

hi i am a B.Sc maths graduate i want to appear for civil services in 2010 can anyone help me with my optional subject? intially i wanted to take maths but i'm not an expert in maths how about sociology and history which is good? both i have to start from scartch is it possible?

vikas said...

Hi Abishekh,
i am an engineering graduate in computer science and taking my first attempt for 2010.
i am planning to have geography and Psychology as my optionals and geography being the optional for prelims as well.Though i m still not sure of psychology. i am always interested in subjects of scientific nature. Can you suggest me some weekend classes for geography and pyschology as i am working in IT industry.Please suggest how should i start considering 2-3 hrs daily time availble for studies..

Anonymous said...

hi friend how r u. iam shiv. actually i want to know that my height is 5 fet 2 or 1 inch is iam eligible for taking ias exam and joining diffrent fields rather than ips.
plz help me i shall be thanful to u
plz give ans as soon as possible
my email id is shiv_sharma57@yahoo.com

shiv said...

hi friend how r u. iam shiv. actually i want to know that my height is 5 fet 2 or 1 inch is iam eligible for taking ias exam and joining diffrent fields rather than ips.
plz help me i shall be thanful to u
plz give ans as soon as possible
my email id is shiv_sharma57@yahoo.com

Samera said...

Hi Abhishek,

Let me first thank you for the blog.

I am working in an MNC. And after a debate with a friend of mine, I took an impulsive decision that I will write Civils this year. Though the decision was made in a moment, I firmly stand by it and ready to give it all. For a lot of reasons, I cannot quit my job unless i clear Prelims. So I need to do it with the limited time I have. I don't have the time for coaching and I have never been a good classroom person. I was confused with the amount of information online and suddenly saw your blog and thought to myself that if you made through Prelims four times, then you know what you are talking about. So I decided I'd do exactly what you did and hope for the best (I dont know if this is any smart but atleast I am focussed) and i am trying to follow your advice for prelims. I chose Psychology as an optional and I am doing good progress with Morgan and King and Baron. But I am still confused about my preparation of General Studies. I dont know where to start. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishekh!
Firstly, thanks for this blog man! I am a mass communication student. Presently, in final year of college. I want to become an IFS officer for which i'll undergo IAS exams. I want to ask you, that what are the optionals that i can choose? Because, as u see, i have not done my graduation in any particular stream (as history/sociology/psychology etc.).So, what are the subjects i can take? I stumbled upon your site and found that u can help me in this matter. So, felt like posting a question here.
Please, reply!:)

amit said...

hi abhishek
i can't think of the subjects which should i take ? can u help me ? i'm in my 3rd year bba .

Anonymous said...

lucknow@222HI please guide me how to prepare commerce optional?
From where do i get Commerce materials? Please help me in thi regard
my mail id is sheebahasan86@gmail.com
how can i cont you

Anonymous said...

HI sir........i have done m.com. I will be taking my first attempt in 2011.please guide me how to prepare commerce optional?
From where do i get Commerce materials? Please help me in thi regard. my mail id is sheeba hasan86@gmail.com or how can i cont. you.

Mir Haseeb abdullah said...

Hi abhishaikh...
Sir may peace b upon u .thanks for this service.may god bless u.
Sir i am preparing for i a s, i have opted for indian history and english litt .
Sir i am from kashmir and here is not any coaching institute that can guide me (because of poltical instablity and militancy)plz tel me from where i can get very good study material ,espacailly for english litt
plz tel me about easy way to improve my writing skills
and plz send me your time table which u used 4 ,preparing pre, &mains
mir Haseeb Abdullah
baramulla kashmir