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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preparing Commerce Optional For UPSC Prelims

My very good friend Umesh Agarwal,who is a Chartered Accountant and a fellow aspirant,has agreed to share his experience of preparing Commerce optional for UPSC prelims and mains for the benefit of anyone considering Commerce as his/her first optional.So here is Umesh explaining the nitty gritties of preparing commerce in his own words...

Commerce is an interesting subject to read because is gives you an opportunity to have an idea into various financial aspects.
However, it is a fact that in UPSC, we should take only those optionals in which you really find interest and which you can handle, because ultimately it is you , who has to carry it till the end.
Regarding my experience with commerce, I joined Vajiram in the year 2005 for both Prelims & Mains and I blindly followed whatever was told in the class. I never applied my brain into it.
I gave my first PT(Prelims) in 2006 and I failed .
I failed because I blindly followed only the Vajiram class notes.
Then I assessed myself "why I have failed ?" "where was my fault ?"

On assessment, I found that I had to read the basic books first and to make these books as my base. Class notes/coaching notes are only for giving you guidance but you can never make them as your base books.
Thereafter I took help of these books :

Accounts -- T S Grewal * 3 books (Class 11 and 12 ,NCERT)
Audit -- Aruna Jha
Business Organisation -- Rankers notes
Law -- M C Kucchal
Management-- C B Gupta

For mains , I adopted the same technique and I read :
Financial Management -- Rastogi
Accounts -- only theory portions from any book
Audit -- Aruna Jha
Tax -- I have not done
Management--- C B Gupta , Rao ,T N Chabra
Industrial Relation - T N Chabra
Human Resource Management - Staffing chapter from C B Gupta

I must tell you one thing, it is the strategy and planning with control which matters and not merely the number of hours you put in for studies.
Hence, kindly make your own strategy and planning with control and I am sure you all will come up with flying colours in this exam.

My Strategy
After my unfavourable PT result in 2006, I restarted everything afresh from September 2006 onwards.
I made a plan from September 2006 to May 18 ,2007.
I read commerce mains syllabus from aforesaid books from September 2006 to November 2006 and completed whole syllabus once on a fast pace.
From December 2006 onwards, I started PT preparation from aforesaid books and completed the whole syllabus by the 1st week of March2007 and thereafter I started GS and finished it off by the 2nd week of April .
In between these period, I used to read current affairs daily after my dinner for 2-3 hours so that I could cover as much sources as possible by the end of March 2007, because it is the current affairs which plays a decisive role in GS for PT .Hence,with sound preparation we can score atleast 80% in PT(prelims) from the current affairs section .
2nd round--from 3rd week of April 2007 to 30th April 2007, I finished both Commerce and GS .
3rd round ---from 1st May to 17th May 2007 I finished both commerce and GS .

By the grace of god,i could score 84 in commerce and 75 in GS which helped me to sail through prelims.
I started my mains preparation from July 2007 onwards with the same strategy and I finished Commerce and Pali(my 2nd optional) by the end of August and started GS from Sept 2007 and finished it by the end of 2nd week of Oct 2007.
In the remaining 10 days , I revised my whole syllabus and by the grace of god I received interview call .
However, I could not score well in the Essay and Interview and finally missed the bus to Mussoorie.

Again I have written my Mains in 2008 with the same strategy and awaiting my result and hoping that this time god will be kind to me.
If you have any queries regarding Commerce as an optional,please feel free to post your queries in the comments section of this blog (www.upsc-prelims.blogspot.com) and I will try my best to answer your queries. All the very best to all of you !!!

Best Wishes
Umesh Agarwal


Hell Boy said...

Hi Umesh,

It's gr8 to hear from u....All the best for the result and hope u get sucees this time.

Mu name is Rajat Rathi,I am a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretaries.I have filled form this year and had taken Commerce as my optional.

I want ur advice as i have not started my studies yet...presently i want to focus only on the prel.....i am also working....so whethr it would be possible for me to have the course content completed by time...

Also as i don't have any notes with me...I have seen ur guidance mentioned ...in that u have given the books of various subjects.....thanks for that...most of the books have been read during the studies earlier so it won't be the problem..

Parallely i want to prepare for the GS....so could u guide me how to prepare for that....
Is there any ways to get the notes from the Vajiram's as i am here in Mumbai and have no link of the Delhi...

So please guide me....
My E-Mail ID: rajatrathi2005@gmail.com
Phone No:-9322194280

either give me ur cell No or mail ID so that i can get guidane form u.....

regal said...

Hey abhishek, these days i am finding most of my peers concentrated on prelims only.But what my perception is that on core areas like polity,modern India,geog, focus on mains exam and half of prelims prep will be done.The remaining preparation can be done in 1-2 months.Is my method of preparing GS viable or would you suggest me that I should focus entirely on prelims now....my current affairs knowledge is very poor but I have made diary of major news from Hindu and frontline (unfortunately only considering mains in mind)....

Abhishek said...

@Hell Boy ... i will ask Umesh to answer ur query asap ,in d meantime if u go thru other posts in this blog u shud be able to get a fair idea as to how u shud strat ur GS preparation ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Regal ... u r on right track ,one cannot compartmentalise so much that one is studying for prelims or mains exclusively , in core areas it will overlap to a great extent ...nothing wrong in that , u shud do what u r comfortable with ,let others do what they like ,focus on ur preparation ...at the same time frm now onwards it has to be prelims centric approach in the sense dat cross the mains bridge when u get to it ... current affairs is very imp. area ,so brush it up with various sources ,i plan to give some current related info but time is a big constraint ...go thru previous years papers to get a hang of wht kind of questions r being asked ...all d best :)

regal said...

yaar i went through manorama and india year book review.I feel its best to complete them in last 1 months bfore prelims.R these two books sufficient or u feel thres more study required for current affairs???

Resmi... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Resmi... said...

Hi Abhishek,

Loved ur blog! It looks too honest and sincere... :)

Well I am also an aspirant and would love to see lot more tips coming in from ur side... Good Work! And you are a true inspirer! :)

Abhishek said...

@Regal ... see preaparation is always relative ,so one can be staisfied with 2 books or one may like to go on redaing books after books ... best way to judge ur confidence n preparation level will be by asking ur friends to quiz u on current affairs or attempt tests ... i hv written an article on how i prepared current affairs and it was a high scoring area for me always ... so Hindu,Frontline,Manorama,Vishal's India Year Book(summarised version) and Spectrum were basically my sources of Current Affairs ...but dont just go by my suggestion,end of d day listen to others but do wht u feel comfortable with ....

Abhishek said...

@Resmi ...thx for such a nice compliment , lots of frens have contributed in making this blog what it is and god willing we will carry it forward ... :)

amit kartic said...

Umesh i know your hard work, which is going to pay soon. wishing you best of luck.
amit avachar

WitHouT FilTeR said...

Hi Umesh/Abhisek,

Thanks for the effort to help the new comers for UPSC preparation.

I am from engg back ground.Working as software engg (domain:finance). I have take commerce as my optional subject for preliminary exam. I have started my preparation by going through basic study materials .I am finding it very much interesting but I think I have started preparing a bit late. As the exam is only 3 months away and I am bit confused about what should be the approach taken by me for preparation. I hope to get a expert guidance from you.

Atish Sihi

Saras said...

Hi, Abhishek
I really apreciate ur initiative to help others inspite of preparing for civil services yourself....
Im a comp sc 3rd yr student of delhi college of engineering.
i'll appear for civil 2010 with geography and psycho/pub admin as optionals .....
i need ur help regarding my second optional which 1 cn be covered in less time and has more probability of selection ..pub ad/psychology
also if u can post on how to prepare geography for upse prelims.... thankx and all the best for ur result...

harpreet dusanjh said...

hi umesh
can you please upload the question paper for mains exam for commerce for 2008 exam. it will be further very helpful to all of us.
have a nice day,

ram said...

I have read to ias (priliminarly) examination . so i want to your's advise and commerce study materials,
so please guide me

Abhishek said...

@Without Filter / Atish ... since commmerce is ur first optional ,Umesh wud be in a better position to guide u ,but my advice to u wud be to not worry about how much time is left rtaher focus on how best to utilize the time ... be thorough with commerce n focus on core areas of GS like current affairs, modern india,geography(map based),GMA etc ..start practicing upsc question papers so that u can evaluate ur preparation level n work accordingly ....all d best !!!

Abhishek said...

@Saras...great to hear frm u ,i have asked a friend to write abt geography and will be posting it soon ...as far as selection of 2nd optional is concerned, u need to make an informed choice as both psycho n PA are taken by lot of aspirants (i myself have/had psychology n PA as my two optionals),so both have their pros and cons ,just go thru their syllabus and have a look at the mains question papers n then go by ur interest/instincts ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Harpreet ... UPSC question papers are easily available in any bookstore dealing with competition related books , i m not sure whether the question papers are available online ,maybe u can google it ...in case u r abroad/remote place then u can request any of ur frend/relative residing in delhi to buy the question papers n post it to u ...gud luck !!!

Abhishek said...

@Ram Kumar ... I think Umesh can answer ur query better once he returns to Delhi ...the books mentioned by Umesh can be bought frm any bookstore dealing in competition related books...all d best !!!

harpreet dusanjh said...

thanks abishek,

however, i already have a book that contains all question paper of mains but only till 2007. as 2008 exam was held in november last year, therefore, i was not available on book stores. though i have got GS paper for 2008 online, but for commerce no website in my knowledge has till now uploaded the same, therefore, i asked umesh as he will be having this paper as he had appeared in this exam.
take care

WitHouT FilTeR said...

Hi Abhisek,

Thanks for the response. By d way how to contact Umesh? I went through the previous papers and I think I need much better knowledge. As you said for commerce related queries Umesh is the right person,so if you kindly provide me any way of contact him it will be great.

Atish Sihi

ASHWARYA said...

hi Umesh its nice to see somone is here to give me guidance... on how to prepare 4 commerce optional.. & gs .......... all the best 4 results...

my name is ashwarya kashyap. i am a chartered accountant. i will appear 4 2010 exam...
can u tell me what should be the proper strategy .......
my 1st optional is commerce...
2nd optional is geography...
now i am studying geography...
but i am little bit confused about to use time in most output based & in right direction..
can u tell me what should be the proper strategy .......

my mail id is ca.a.kashyap@gmail.com

harpreet dusanjh said...

what time it takes to receive ack card as 30 days are mentioned on upsc website but i havent received it yet.

Abhishek said...

@ Atis and Ashwarya ... actually Umesh is out of station and as soon as he returns to Delhi , i will request him to answer ur queries ...

Abhishek said...

@ Harpreet ... u shud hv received the ack card by now unless u r in a remote place ,anyway u shud contact UPSC citing ur form number regarding the status of your application form...

shalini said...

hi dis is shalini ........ m also willing to take commerce... as i hav studied it in graduation but d response regardg it s not dat well .... people said only C.A can crack it... s dat so....should i look for other option sir..... i will b waitg 4 ur reply....

umesh said...

hello frnds

sorry for the delay as i was busy with my interview

according to me , its high time and now you have to concentrate on your prelims and its my advice for all of you that kindly read all the basic books as stated by me and i am sure you will come up with flying colours.

harpreet dusanjh said...

hi umesh, hope your interview went well. i had requested you to upload question paper for commerce mains examination 2008. hope you will upload the same and oblige. take care and all the best.

SHALINI said...


SANDY said...

dear sir , my self sandeep verma i am realy interested in ias but i have no information regarding this please tell how i start and follow the IAS plz sir

sandeep verma
m -9813442344

umesh said...

Thanx Salini

By the grace of god and good wishes of my relatives and friends i am able to clear civil services.

apart from your hard work ,you also require good wishes from everybody which will come from your good deeds

umesh said...

Dear Friends

i am always there with you along with Abhishek and i really appriciate from the bottom of my heart ,the effort he is putting in for civil aspirants and really he is a true civil servant

harpreet dusanjh said...

hi umesh,
many congrats on getting the reward dor your hard work ultimately by the blessings of almighty.

however, i have one complain to, you have still not granted my wish to upload commerce mains paper 2008 as this will help commerce community preparing ias,as the same is not available in market yet. please do the same and oblige. take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Umesh,

I am a chartered Accountant and opting civil services with commerce optional. I need to know what is the normal cut-off in case of commmerce and GS.

Nupur Pal

shalini said...

sir again congrats m so very glad that u responded..... i pray u get everything u deserve from now on....sir jus wanna know as m not C.A n i love commerce do you really think i should opt for commerce as my first option.... all seniors r sayg 2 opt for different subject..... but i would like to ask from u .... would it b wise to go for this option not being C.A..... n second optional is pub adm.............

umesh said...

hi shalini
i have written that it doesnt matter whether u r CA or not
it is the strategy with planning with control that matters
trust me , it is the liking towards the subject that will guide u through in this exam

dont think twice if u like the sub go for it and maintain this liking till the end and u will be in the list at the end

PRABHJOT said...

hope everybody's exam has gone well. i wish to know that if i have attempted 30 right questions in gs and 98 in commerce will i be through the mains.
and secondly, the scaling technique of upsc affects postively or negatively the marks of commerce students.

srikanth said...

hi sir,
i am srikanth. my educational background is B.com, CA,CWA.
i want to take Commerce as optional.
please guide me in choosing coaching centers in Delhi. also please tell me coaching center which is dealing good in General studies.
please mail me at : srikanthgod2003@yahoo.co.in

umesh said...

Hi srikanth

No coaching institute can sail u through .it is your own effort which will give u confidence . However from my personal experience u please take the notes of Rankers Institute and read basic books as suggested by me and it will really help u

udayvasudev said...

Hi Umesh.

I had just one Query. Can you please suggest me couple of coaching centers for commerce as optional (prelims and mains).

umesh said...

hi udayvasudev

vajiram is good for paper 2 and rankers for paper 1 hence u join vajiram for only mains not for pre and read basic books as suggested by me and add on with rankers notes . theses notes will definitly give u an edge over others

udayvasudev said...

Umesh, Thanks for your suggesstions. Actually, i reside in bangalore and i'm going to Delhi on 7th. When i had called Vajiram, i was told that they had stopped giving coaching for commerce. Also, one of my friend who is staying in delhi, since one year said that the coaching in Rankers is of Average standard (His personal opinion) and even he said Vajiram was good, when i phoned him yesterday, after posting my question in this Blog. Now, im in dilemma as rankers are starting their classes from monday. Please Help.

harpreet dusanjh said...

dear umesh,
thanks for not posting the questions papers of commerce mains 2008 on the blog inspite of my repeated requests. however, the doors are not closed and i have managed to get these. take care.

umesh said...

hi udayvasudev

i personally didint enjoy the classes of rankers but on contrary i really enjoyed the notes of rankers.

u can prepare on ur own through the basic books as suggested by me and supplement it with ur rankers notes . both will suffice ur preparation

animesh said...

Hi Umesh,

I am worried on the commerece 2nd paper mains. Kindly advise me how to proceed and the relevant books on on mains paper-2.

Animesh Pal

umesh said...

hi animesh

kindly read from the basic books as suggested by me and supplement it with rankers notes especially for the new syllabus and try to make structured answer for all the previous years questions .

pallavi said...


This is pallavi, well iam a 2010 aspirant but iam bit confused about the subjects. iam in commerce field and also preparaing with it but every second person is suggesting pub.ad, sociology, pol sc. etc for prelims please suggest

umesh said...

hi pallavi

all the besy for ur 2010 attempt

since u r from commerce background , kindly take commerce as ur first optional and it will be easy for u to comprehend and read all those basic books as suggested by me .

animesh said...

Hi Umesh,

I contated Rankers for there postal commerce final notes, but they said they provide notes only for pre and not for mains. Kindly advise what to do in this situation or let me know from where I can get the notes of Rankers.

Animesh Pal

umesh said...

hi animesh

u can get rankers notes only through students of rankers.

i used to stand in front of the rankers institute on daily basis unless and untill i get the notes and i used to ask from their students to give me the notes . its very boring job but i did it.

this is the only source from where u can get the notes if u dont hav any frnd in rankers.

animesh said...

Hi Umesh,

Thanks for the advice. As I don't have any freinds who is studying in Rankers can you provide me the notes. Sounds bad, but I am ready to pay the costs.

Animesh Pal

Harry said...

Hi Umesh,

Congrats!!! Please guide through the path to get Rankers notes.


umesh said...

hi animesh/harry

i have already witten in this blog how to get the notes.

sorry to say , i dont have friends in rankers if i personaally need notes then i will stand in front of the classes for the notes.
this is only way out.

Anonymous said...

i m class 12 passout..i got 95 in all subjects including accounts. but i dont hav much liking 4 d subject..eco charms me more. i want 2 opt 4 dat subject in graduation which ll help me in civil services..i m utter confusion.. ac or eco.which is more scoring. ur help s gonna shape my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hi sir, i am manjunath i hav just finished my mtech. i am more interested to do ias . can i tak civil engg as my option can i gt some suggestions plz. thank u

Anonymous said...

Hi sir firstly congrates!
my name is neha patidar and i am a student B.A second year and doing the preparation of ias.My subject is public administration and sociology.I have unique for G.S & TMH & FADIYA for public administration is sufficient or not.And monthly magzine is pratiyogita darpan

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,

I m also a aspirant of Civil Service Examination. I have teken the Commerce subject as my optional subject.

I want to know that is coaching is necessary to crack the civil services preliminary examination.

if necessary kindly tell me name the best institute who provides coaching in COMMERCE subject as well as GS.

If u can kindly mail me the details at my email - id whch is anju_bala34@rediffmail.com

Iwill be very thakful to ou if you mail me the deatils.


kriitka said...

hello sir
i ve done b.comh from SRCC n m plng to take commerce as my first optional....i have already covered paper1 wid d same books as mentioned by u in my graduation.i want to prepare for paper 2 ..so shud i join rankers or vajiram or just take rankers notes? pls suggest..


umesh said...

Hi kritika

its really good that u hav completed paper 1 from my suggested books and i m sure that u would b quite comfortable with these books.

for paper 2 also u kindly refer my suggested books only and dont join any coaching institutes , rather take the notes from ur frnds and study on ur own .

self study is the best study

best of luck


umesh said...


kindly refer to the following books for prelims

accounts ----- TS Grewal(class 11 and Class 12)---three books
management------ C B gupta
BO-----rankers notes
Law-----M C Kuchal
audit------aruna Jha

there is no need for coachng

u can prepare on ur own with these books and have confidence on urself


kriitka said...

k...thanku so much...n congratulations on your success..!!


HI please guide me how to prepare commerce optional?
From where do i get Commerce materials? Please help me in thi regard

Please mail me biljoissac@gmail.com

Nitin said...

Hello Umesh,

My name is Nitin Mahajan n m also a Chartered Accountant like u. Its really nice to learn that memebers of our fraternity are opting for CSE and there are also persons like you who are there to provide a helping hand..

In your blog u suggested Ranker's notes. Even I asked for the same from the institute but he forbade to provide me the same as he emphasise on class room coachingfor mains. I belong to Jammu and not in a position to attend the classes as I'm also practicing here.

It'll be of great honour if u provide me the information from where I can get the notes esp. for theory part (Paper-II) of mains.

Please mail me ur phone no @ canitin09@gmail.com as m not a frequent user of i-net.

Nitin Mahajan.

mandy said...

Hello Sir,
I am Mandeep. I am a commerce Graduate plus MBA in finance.
Please advice me regarding the commerce as a optional. Actually I want to know about the Practical questions of accounting in exam. Are they easy or tough like with some too much technical points. Because they require practice.
In case of theory I believe its not that tough as it does nt require regular practice and one can read once and then revise easily.
Please suggest keeping in mind the practical problems of accounting.
And Please suggest a Second optional.

Mandeep Singh

Anonymous said...

halo sir
wantd 2 no dat new topics like askd in this year exam ... like holland tpopgraphy of personality n occupation ... vich is not dere in both l.m prasad n tn chabra... from vere 1 can prepare.........

raghav said...


I have done my graduation from shri ram college, have taken commerce as my optional subject. I am taking coaching from rankers classes. Please let me know if any one is in need of the notes.I amn puting up in vasant vihar delhi.


trishita said...

hey raghav i have commerce as my second optional.....do you have rankers commerce mains notes...?d no. dat you have given here is not reachable....can i have ur email id or some oder contact no....?..it wil b of great help..i put up in kamla nagar nd have done b.com(h) from du...

raghav said...

Hi trishita,

My email id is raghavfans1@yahoo.co.in.
There was a typing error in the phone no. my number is 9999667967.

amit said...

Dear Umesh,

m amit, and m also CA, i read ur views snd found that many of my questions bout commerce has answers in it,
however currently m stucked with limited time for prelims n is my first attempt,, i joined vajiram, also gs overload,
currently after classes m giving 2.5 hrs to ts garewal,n m thinking to leave classes once my accounts get over(which may take more 15 days) and then read from the books u mentioned as basics,m i going right,

my email : amit.suresh.tolani@gmail.com

Please guide me.


v!J@Y said...

hello sir me Vijay Chandani it's very glad to read this my confidence is not sufficient for IAS (Pre)but after reading this i m confident because now i m going to start the prepration of IAS. Before attend the IAS (pre) i m an accounts manager in a private ltd. company but it's my wish to become IAS in future. But at yet i m not fully confirmed what ever information i got from internet because in real i not have any person who guide me thats why i m little bit confused that all so please help me sir how can i contact with u sir i need your guidence so please help me. thakx

Hemakshi said...

Hello Sir,
I Hemakshi Rathod did MBA Finance from Mumbai University and B com and presently working.
I want to appear for UPSC. I am thinking to opt commerce and public administration as optional
Sir please advise me as MBA Finance can I take commerce as optional and also tell me difficulty level if any
and sir i don't want leave my job so please tell me is it possible to clear the exam with work
Please send me your reply on : hemakshi_rathod1@yahoo.co.in

ambika said...

hello sir .. i am ambika

i am commerce graduate and done pg in mba finance..prepairing fr civil exams..

i am preffering commerce & public add. as my optionals..bt have lil queries abt commerce..

no doubt commerce is best optional fr pre.. bt its doubtful fr mains..coz if u r wrong in ur que. frm starting..d whole que. goes wrong..apart frm dis am nt good in practical part as c.a.'s and other professionals, but am gud in theoritical part..secondaly hardly quality coaching is available fr commerce..if i don,t succeed in commerce i,ll go fr philosophy..

my que is- is really commerce scoring fr mains?? as i heartly belive am nt exremely gud and acute in parctical part..

my 2nd que is should i choose public add. as my second optional fr mains??..many ppl suggest public add. as it covers sm part of mgt. too..though am frm mgt. background too..

kindly give me ur kind suggestions..

awaitin replies..!!

umesh said...

Hi ambika
according to me ...no optional can be categorised as scoring or not scoring optional...further u r starting ur self with the negative attitude that u will not excel in commerce...this is nt correct...hav confidence in urself and i m sure u will do extremely well...further being commerce graduate and MBA,finanace ...commerce would be a good optional...further thereis no need of any coaching...u read from the basic books and have conceptual clarity and then try to solve the past years question papers...everything will fall in place ...seecondly pub ad is good as ur second optional ...u can go for itumesh

umesh said...


whatevr query u r having ..post it in this blog ...we will entertain ur query and we hav started this blog with the objective to help u people ....hence plez feel free and post ur query

ruchi said...

hello sir,
i m a ca final. my final attempt is in may11. i want 2 give prelims in may12. i am confused in choosing my 2nd option and that i should take commerce coaching or not.

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
i am ca . i m bit confused in choosing my 2nd optional and whether i should take commerce coaching or not? can u plz help me..

VIPIN said...

hello sir i am a ca and i really want to do ias but i dind't find a way how to start it. the patteren of pre is already changed so please suggest me how to start.

Reformer said...

I am preparing for Mains with Commerce and Pub Ad. Please provide me distribution of marks or question trends for these two subjects (based on last 10 years or so. Thanks a lot amitgupta12knp@gmail.com

Geeta said...

Hi Umesh,
Great guidance..thank u..I want to give UPSC exam in 2014..Now i m CA Final Student waiting for result..
I want to know Coaching Classes for Commerce as a mains subject in Pune or Mumbai..And Also how can i plan Studies from now onwards to crack exam in First Attempt..

Mail Id:lelegeeta14@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sir,iam student of ma(ECONOMICS)through ignou.my optional subject is economics & sociology.will it be the good combinations for the main subject in hindi medium.

Anonymous said...

i am a non-commerce student but i am interested in accounting. do u think it'll be difficult to cope up with the commerce syllabus because i am a non- commerce student? also suggest good institutes in delhi..i am joining vajiram for GS

Omlata Sharma said...

hello sir , i am a b.com final yr student ac honers. but i am confused in chosing subjects for priliminary and mains. whether it will be suitable taking ac or i should go for history as a first paper for 2nd i am taking public administration . i cant attend any coaching also . so plz help me and suggest some useful books also . my mail id is sharmaomlata@gmail.com. thak u

Anonymous said...

Umesh sir i am a B.Com Graduate from Chandigarh and want to take Commerce as one of my optionals.As now there is CSAT in pre So for mains should i join any institute or my graduation knowledge is sufficient to prepare..Please Reply soon whether to join any institute in Delhi and which one out of Rankers and Vajiramravi..??

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
I am PushapJeet Sharma
Umesh sir i am a B.Com Graduate from Chandigarh and want to take Commerce as one of my optionals.As now there is CSAT in pre So for mains should i join any institute or my graduation knowledge is sufficient to prepare..Please Reply soon whether to join any institute in Delhi and which one out of rankers and Vajiramravi if any..??

Nagendra swami said...

sir can you tell me is calculator allowed for commerce and accountancy
MAINS paper if allowed do we need to take permission or letter from upsc please reply sir ..............