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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions ...

The UPSC final results came on 4th May,2009 and many friends made it through to the coveted list, two of whom have contributed to this blog as well.Friends who have made it are Umesh, SB, Arun, Rohan,Nitu,Sandeep, Mashhood,Diwakar,Anish, Shankesh,Sharanappa,Pritam.My heartiest congratulations to all of them for getting through this mother of all exams. As for me, I did not make it to the final list of selected candidates.I am glad that I could pursue what interested me for so long and as long as I was competing I was in with a good chance.Now, I need to find new challenges in life and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.
Coming back to the purpose of this blog which is to help the newcomers in getting to understand the nature of prelims and sharing of experience by aspirants who have been successful in cracking the various stages of this exam.Since many of the queries by aspirants are of repetitive nature, it is not humanly possible to answer all of them , so my request would be to go through the various articles as well as the comments section before posting your query.
Another query which gets repeated quite often is regarding selection of optionals, I have written a separate post on it ,which can be referred.
I am thankful to Umesh and Saurabh for their continued support in keeping this blog alive and look forward to their cooperation in future too.


abhinavkolla said...

Abhishek,great work man,awesome!!

But why do you limit it to prelims and why not mains.All the advices by the rankers are posted only for the sake of prelims.Nothing related to main could be found in the blog.Wouldnt it be a lot more helpful if it is extended for mains also??

Anviti said...

hello abhishek,

hard luck....but sumthing better in life waiting for u....go ahead...keep up the good work....god bless u

Abhishek kumar said...

Dear Abhishek,

You have our best wishes.

Your blog makes lots of people think that they can start preparing for UPSC because there is a right amount of 'personal' help available.

I hope you would continue blogging about UPSC preparation. Its a request from all of us that you please find some time for writing about the preparation. Your simple style of writing and answering comments/Questions is fantastic.


Amruta said...

Hi Abhishek ,
I am a UPSC aspirant and have been following your blog for quite sometime now.

As it is said, 'Adversity cases some men to break , while others to break records'.

I am sure you will find a great new path in your life as so many blessings of people who benefited from your blog are with you.

Take care

mtiwary said...

hii abhishek,

i really appreciate the help u r providing through ur blogs..thanks.i have completed my mba and have worked around one year in a software firm..now i want to go for civil services..
what advice will u give to person who wants to start preparing for the upsc exams from level zero..
waiting for your reply..
Thanks and Regards,

Unknown said...

Dear friends

yes we are having plan to move to mains, it would to be really nice if you guys can advice us how to move to mains.


Unknown said...

hi monali

for newcomers, abhishek had written on it i.e. selection of optionals . u can go through it .if u find any difficulties , we are here to help .

all the best


ben said...

hey there..hard luck man...but i must say u are a real person..u deserve something more in life..and surely u will be rewarded in one way or the other..plz dnt loose heart,success is there for the taking and i knw that u will never give up.ur blog has benefited me alot n i cudnt thank you more...plz keep this blog up and runnin.u n ur team is doin a great deed which is of is of immense help to all the aspirants,including yours truely.thanks a lot..GOD BLESS

mtiwary said...

hii Umesh,

Thanks alot for the help..i have decided upon psychology and public admin..public administration will be my first optional..do i need to go for a coaching institute for PT?


Unknown said...

hi monali

abhishek was having the same optional i.e. pub ad and psycho

he is the best person to guide u


sreekanth choudry said...

All the best Abhishek, many should have immensely benefited reading your blog... all the best in your future endeavors


Abhishek said...

Thanks to all of you for ur kind words, I m really glad that along with like minded friends like Umesh,Saurabh,Trilochan,SB,Anoop and countless others We have been able to provide little bit of guidance to civil services aspirants.
Thanks for the support and encouragement, I have not been able to reply regularly as I have been traveling a lot and due to other professional commitments.Please go thru the entire list of posts before posting a fresh query ,so that there is no duplication of effort... all the very best to all of u !!!

Abhishek said...

@ Monali ... I had the smae combination of optionals but in reverse order, psychology being my first optional ...anyway it depends entirely upon ur comfort level with the subject, if u r totally new to Public Admn , then going for coaching makes sense , u can refer my friend Anoop's article for further insight as to how to prepare PA for prelims ...all d best !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job....Keep it up.....I also reached a really great site www.ShareTermPapers.com where you can Free Download NCERT Books for class 6th to 12th of all subjects that will definitely help you in Civil Services Preparation. Here you can also get materials for Interview Preparation. Do check it out........


Akanksha said...

HI Abhishek,
I would like to say a 'BIG THANKS' to u becoz of all the efforts and good intentions that u have put in ur blog to give proper guidance to all CS aspirants like me....it is so fortunate to come across such a good person like u who inspires everyone to help others with all their strength....Remember that sooner or later the blessings of so many ppl for u will bear fruits...May God bless u always n May u b blessed with stupendous success that u surely deserve....

vinoth kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vinoth kumar said...

Hi Abhishek,

i dont know how to rekly to ur latest kost as i havnt been thru ur situation...but from my kersonal exkerience ya things do hakken for a reason...hoke for the best...
btw... i am also a comkuter engineer ...worked in a org for 2 years and now doing my mba...i wanted to take statistics as my a oktional
need your suggestions as i am still confused whether to take stats or not...for the first oktional i am klanning to take ublic administration...
how about maths...is it good for mains

note: in this internet cafe keyboard...letter right to 'O' doest not work...klease reklace all
'K' with that letter...

abhi said...

Hi Abhishek, if you are in delhi, i would like to meet you.

Drop me a mail, if you can take out some time.


Sandhya said...


Just happened to read your update here. I am dumbfound at the fact that UPSC has not chosen a person of your calibre, knowledge and dedication. Anyway,I am sure wherever you are and whatever you do, you'll rise to greater heights. I pray that you get all best things in life.

Best wishes


akshay said...

abhishek i'm in 2nd year B.Tech (IT),
i would like 2 know the suitable subjects for the prelims.either history or science

Unknown said...

Hello Mr Abhishek,
I went through ur blog for how to prepare for pre GS, ur interview (very informative,ur pragmatic approach to describe is worth praising) and also saw Pub Ad guidance for pre thr' u by ur friend and found it very helpful.I found ur answers realistic, practical and imperative.So,I am asking few questions to you with high expectation to get exhaustive,well balanced, state of the art answers.
It would be of immense help for me (as i cant take coaching and employed time bounded)if u please provide me guidance, suggestions, help, advices for my below mentioned questions-
1. What, from where (which references) and how to prepare for pre GS?
2.What, from where (which references) and how to prepare(including strategy) for pre and mains Chemistry?
3.What could be possible options with chemistry in mains to notch top rank?
3. Strategy and references for Pub admin and Geography in Mains ?
4.Strategy for GS mains?

I know few of the questions u would hav already answered so u can provide the link of the one which is most comprehensive or by adding few more sentences to them u can send personally to my mail id or post.For rest of the answers also u can either send mail or post but i would b happy if u could inform me when, if posted, you amswer. my mail id is anodon@gmail.com. Vivek.It would be of help if u could provide ur contact no. to me at my mail address.

facebook covers said...

hi awesome material wonderful use of thinking and great touchy use of vocabulary. one of great informative post..

mak said...

Hi m planning to appear upsc exam for the first time in 2014 . . . I've just been graduated with a bbm degree . . Pls help me in choosing optionals and also I want to know what's the length or duration of serious study required to crack this . . .