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Monday, January 18, 2010

Civil Services Interview 2010

Dear readers , first of all my sincere apologies for not being able to update the blog as well as reply to the queries since a long time. I hope to update the blog more regularly and also answer the relevant queries as soon as possible. The idea still remains to provide guidance and share experiences of successful candidates with the newcomers to this exam. As far as I am concerned, I gave four attempts, wrote mains four times and appeared in interview twice.Fortunately (whom am i kidding ?) or unfortunately , I could not make the cut, but to compete with the best brains in the mother of all exams was and still remains a high. The knowledge as they say never goes waste, but once you are out of the UPSC race, you need to start from scratch and I am learning it the hard way. I am glad that in this endeavour to help the aspirants of this coveted exam, I have been helped by many of my friends who have contributed through their articles, answering queries and in innumerable other ways and I hope I will continue to receive their support in taking this endeavour further.
I would like to keep this article especially for interview related suggestions and tips.So one can post one's interview related queries in the comments section.
I appeared in interview twice and scored 180 and 159 and the most valuable advice I can give is "You don't have to know the answer to all the questions put to you but you must control your nerves and that is easier said then done". In fact I scored low second time and it was a disastrous performance only because i totally forgot to answer "I don't know" to any of the questions put to me by the panel. I attempted to answer all their questions and made a complete mess .I will be posting a detailed analysis of how things go wrong, for now its important that candidates expecting interview call should start to narrow down the areas from which they are most likely to be quizzed by the panel. There will always be stunners and sitters in interview situation , but its the moderately difficult questions which will determine how much or how less you score. Interview marks is a make or break for most candidates and subjectivity is very high in how the panel judges a candidate.More detailed posts will follow covering different aspects of interview process and what strategies I used and what my friend who scored high marks in interview followed.