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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Importance of General Studies For Success in IAS / UPSC Civil Services Examination

UPSC earlier this year changed the pattern of Mains Examination to make it a more level playing field for aspirants from different streams and also to filter candidates who used to clear this coveted exam based on their excellent performance in optional subjects only. Whatever be the aim of UPSC in bringing this change, it has made the aspirants as well as the coaching institutes jittery as everyone is trying to cover the new topics that have been added in General Studies Syllabus.

The marks distribution for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination is as follows :

Paper I    - Essay Writing  (around 1000-1200 words on a given topic) (250 Marks)            
               - English (Qualifying Nature Only)  (300 Marks)
               - Hindi/Any Regional Language (Qualifying Nature Only) (300 Marks)
Paper II   - General Studies I (250 Marks)
                 (Covers  Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of World & Society)
Paper III -  General Studies II (250 Marks) 
                  (Covers Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations)
Paper IV -  General Studies III (250 Marks) 
                  (Covers Technology, Economics, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management)
Paper V  -  General Studies IV (250 Marks) 
                  (Covers Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)
Paper VI -  Optional Subject Paper I (250 Marks)
                   (say Public Administration Paper I)
Paper VII - Optional Subject Paper II (250 Marks) 
                   (say Public Administration Paper II)

Total Marks (Mains) - 1750 Marks
Personality Test (UPSC Interview) - 275

Grand Total - 2025

Out of the total 2025 marks, General Studies accounts for a whopping (250+250+250+250) 1000 marks and if you add another 250 marks of essay as one has to be good in general studies to write a decent essay, the total marks from general studies realm goes upto 1250 and once one reaches personality test again one has to bank on one's general awareness to sail through. In nutshell, General Studies is King and one can ignore it at one's own peril. For aspirants who are writing this year's Mains examination, I will be listing out the important topics from my experience as well as sharing few pointers on tackling the new elements introduced in GS syllabus as well as the sources that can be relied for quick and comprehensive coverage of all the areas in syllabus in subsequent posts. Please post your queries/doubts in comments section on this blog http://upsc-prelims.blogspot.com only as the content gets copied and your queries may go unanswered or you may get misguided. Thanks for reading and all the very best for exams !

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