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Friday, October 18, 2013

Magazine for IAS / UPSC Civil Services Examination : Civil Services Synopsis September Issue

The second issue of Civil Services Synopsis is going to be out soon in the market. This issue of the magazine covers a wide gamut of issues ranging from "Need for Second State Re-organization Commission", "Ordinance Route - Use or Abuse", "Twenty Years of PRIs", "Rising Current Account Deficit", "CSR- Less Corporate, More Social", "Govt. Initiatives to Empower Women", and so on. The topics have been carefully selected based on their relevance from civil services examination point of view and background information has been included wherever we felt the news item is not doing full justice to the topic under discussion. For instance in the article "Suspension of a Civil Servant" - the issue of Ms.Durga Shakti Nagpal's suspension has been covered along-with background information on the Constitutional Provisions available to civil servants for protection from arbitrary executive action. The idea is to give all the required relevant information at one place for easier reading and better retention and ultimately reproduction of the same in exam for higher scores.  

The idea behind this issue of CS Synopsis remains the same  - to provide the most relevant content  from IAS / UPSC civil services examination point of view at one place and not stopping at that   but also providing background information wherever needed for complete understanding of any issue.  

The Content for September 2013 issue is as follows:

1. Need for Second State Reorganization Commission
2. Ordinance Route - Use or Abuse?
3. Suspension of a Civil Servant
4. This is no child's play - Juvenile Justice Act
5. A task only half finished - Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 
and more ....

Economics page1image1216

1. Estimating Poverty - Away from reality
2. Rising Current Account Deficit - Impact and Factors Responsible 
3. Rupee's Slide
4. Less Corporate, More Social - CSR
and more ...

National/ Social
1. Govt. Initiatives to Empower Women
2. National Food Security Ordinance
3. Farm Mechanization
and more ...

1. Disaster Management
2. Saving Tiger

Science & Technology
1.Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project 
2. INS Arihant - A strategic Milestone
3. GSLV - Turning out to be rocket science

International Relations 
1. Elections in Bangladesh and Indo-Bangladesh Relations
2. International Criminal Court vis-a-vis International Court of Justice
3. Indo-Myanmar Relations
4. Syria Crisis 
and more ...

Prelims Corner - contains current affairs facts and information 

For subscription related queries please write to us at cs.synopsis@gmail.com

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