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Monday, November 30, 2015

Drug Resistant Bugs - Antibiotics Resistance

Drug Resistant Bugs / Antibiotics Resistance is a growing health concern and has been appearing in news quite often in recent times. This appears to me as one of the important topic for IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam and for that matter any competitive examination and it would be handy to know what the issue is all about and keep in mind some important points about the topic which I have listed below for easy remembrance.

What is Antibiotics Resistance?

  • It is the phenomena when the bacteria changes or mutates and becomes resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infection caused by it earlier
  • Over-use and misuse of antibiotics cause bacteria to become resistant
  • Compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases and undermining many advances in medicine

How Drug Resistant Bugs or Antibiotic Resistance Develops?
  1. Overuse of antibiotics in agriculture is one of the reasons for growing drug resistance
  2. Antibiotics is given to farm animals to keep them healthy and promote growth
  3. These antibiotics protect animals from known strains of bacterial infection
  4. Overuse of antibiotics sometimes results in mutated form of bacteria which resists anti-biotic and contaminates meat
  5. Humans get infected by bacteria after consuming the infected meat
  6. Same antibiotic given to humans has no effect as the pathogen has already become immune to it

Antibiotics Resistance - A growing public health concern

  • Common infections are becoming difficult to treat due to growing Antibiotics Resistance
  • Antibiotics Resistance - serious threat to public health across the world, especially for a country like India where access to quality health care is not available to a large section of population
  • No new antibiotics have been developed in last three decades - future of antibacterial therapy looks grim
  • November 16-22 is being observed as World Antibiotic Awareness Week by WHO
  • WHO Campaign "Antibiotics: Handle with Care"
  • India needs to work towards prohibiting misuse of antibiotics which is leading to antibiotics resistance 

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