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Monday, November 9, 2015

Important Topics For UPSC Civil Services Main Examination 2015 - India Africa Summit

The recently held India-Africa summit in New Delhi witnessed participation by 51 African countries and it was the second biggest diplomatic event ever hosted by India. Also, since India is desirous of a permanent seat in UN Security Council , it is imperative that India gets its candidature endorsed by the African Countries which constitute the biggest bloc in United Nations. African countries are also catching up in development with the rest of the world and apart from their huge base of natural resources, the African countries also present vast untapped market as African economies grow. I have listed down some of the key points that are important from examination perspective below.

·                                                                India-Africa Forum Summit
o   Second largest diplomatic event ever hosted by India
o   41 heads of states along with delegations from 10 other nations
o   Singapore and UAE attended as observers
o   African countries (55) are the largest bloc in UN – India pushing African governments to endorse India’s bid for permanent seat in UNSC
o   Citizens of Delhi and Lagos (Nigeria) interacted digitally during the summit
o   Bilateral understanding reached with African nations on counter-terrorism, defense and security issues
o    $10 billion promised in additional cheap credit for Africa by India over next 5 years
o   India will also provide Grant Assistance of $600 million including an India-Africa Development Fund of $100 million and an India-Africa Health Fund of $10 million. This grant will also be used for providing 50,000 scholarships to African students to study in India over next 5 years
o   India is a valued source of training and technology transfer for African nations
o   Areas of convergence for India and Africa
§  UNSC Reforms
§  Climate Change Negotiations
§  WTO Negotiations
§  Maritime security
§  Sustainable exploitation of natural resources
§  Countering threat posed by extremism and non-state actors such as ISIS

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