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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Current Affairs Preparation For Competitive Examinations - IAS/IPS/UPSC Civil Services Examination

Current Affairs is one of the most important areas from where lot many questions are asked in IAS UPSC Civil Services Examination. In this post I will be sharing some of the tips and tricks for following and keeping up-to-date with current affairs. Current Affairs is basically concerned with whatever information that is being currently covered by newspapers but more often than not aspirants are confused about the best way to improve one's command over current affairs. 
The very first step that one should take to improve one's current affairs is to start reading the newspaper regularly. It is great if one reads The Hindu as it is a serious newspaper and there is hardly any frivolous news, but if one can be disciplined then even newspapers like TOI and Hindustan Times are fine. The point to note is that all these newspapers will cover the important news of the day and you have to be vigilant to make note of that important information. It is not the newspaper but how you read it which makes the difference. For example if one has just started newspaper reading on regular basis then one can focus on the editorial page, business section, international news and sports page and make very brief notes which will be very handy at the time of exam. A major problem that I also faced during my preparation years was the lack of time for reading newspapers as thorough reading of The Hindu or any newspaper for that matter can easily take 2-3 hours which is difficult to take out from your regular studies. If you are also faced with same difficulty then you can opt for consolidated current affairs notes on weekly basis by writing to me at cs.synopsis@gmail.com .The service at present is free of cost for the first weekly supplement of current affairs and thereafter available at nominal subscription cost.

Salient Features of CS Synopsis Weekly Current Affairs Update
- Complete Coverage of The Hindu
- Background information wherever needed
- Hand written current affairs notes
- Tips to remember information using acronyms
- Important news from TOI, HT and other newspapers

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