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Friday, January 15, 2016

National Security Doctrine - Important Topic For IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam

The recent terrorist attack in Pathankot (Punjab) has once again brought into sharp focus the need for India to have a National Security Doctrine in place along with a national security strategy so that there is a proper command and control structure in place to handle such emergency situations and not some kind of ad-hoc approach that changes with the government in power. National Security is in news and also forms part of the Civil Services Mains Exam syllabus of General Studies Paper-III. I have listed below few points on the need for a national security doctrine plus a link to a good article which appeared in The Hindu on the same topic  and another article on India's National Security Challenges  and Priorities for more clarity and better understanding. Happy Reading !

 Need for a National Security Doctrine
1.    Questions raised about the urgent need for a national security doctrine in the wake of Pathankot Terrorist Attack
2.     There is a dire need for formulating a firm strategy to deal with terrorist threats
3.   National Security Doctrine must be accompanied by a national security strategy that spells out clearly the command and control structures for meeting eventualities such as terror strikes
4.    In the absence of a clearly articulated consensus on national security doctrine, India’s response is qualitatively linked to govt. of the day and its ability or inability to understand and appreciate security challenges
5.   The proposed national security doctrine must be anchored in the foundational values of the Constitution
6.   The very foundations of India's security establishment need to be reformed if a robust national security doctrine is to be implemented 

5.     Further Reading -
       1. http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-time-for-a-national-security-doctrine/article8065314.ece
       2. http://www.idsa.in/keyspeeches/IndiasNationalSecurityChallengesandPriorities
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